Emboldened by Bidens Weakness, China and Russia Plan Lunar Base Just as I Warned

It will be inevitably weaponized or used as a relay station for exploring deep space:


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  1. If Elon musk builds a base on the moon and the Chinese army attacks them, he should just nuke them up there, he doesn't need the U.S. government for that, he is pretty clever.

  2. While the U.S. destroys it's economy and currency Russia and China draw up plans for moon base. The U.S. better get it's shit together we've had stupid leader ship for to long why don't doesn't the U.S. already have a moon base. Oh maybe it's cause we've been fucking around worrying about the middle east for the last 20 years wasting money. After trillions of dollar in dept the U.S. should have something to show for it.

  3. Who didn't see this coming. While others mocked Trump's space talk. All countries will let their citizens do without if they get the chance to f.up another planet…..

  4. I’d love to see any country with a moon base. You know, putting humans on the moon and all finally. It’d be nice to see but unfortunately is not reality.

  5. I’ve said this elsewhere, might as well say it here too. Former Vice President Jao Bai Din has sold us down the River just like melanin-rich servants of the 1850’s. Yellow men will be goose stepping down Main Street before the end of the decade. Gird your loins men.

  6. The lame power grab of the elderly politicians in this country is going to essentially destroy it.. we need term limits and age limits in our government

  7. I can see this ending badly with some excessive mining gone wrong because humans can't help but be greedy, fracturing the moon into pieces which in turn peppers the earth and ending humanity.