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The News Media Bargaining Code is a proposed piece of legislation currently under review by the Australian parliament, that would work effectively to abolish the level playing field of the internet within the country.

Now for all of you watching that are not Australian, don’t breathe a sigh of relief, because this will still impact you.

The law would mandate that registered media organizations would have key insights into how googles back end systems work, including access to users data, privileged analytics, and unfair compensation.

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  1. Remember, Australia is one of the few countries to have spoken AGAINST free speech on the international stage. Australia opposes Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and has stated that it will not have it imposed on their citizens.

  2. Love this vid so much Imma share it & hope everyone that watches it takes the lesson from it & trays to contact the ACC or other government representatives to complain. Coz it is not fair to take the you tube platform away from people the have the courage & intelligence to use it how they may want to. It creates opportunities for people they wouldn't have without you tube!

  3. What killed TV is its desire to not focus on appealing to the younger generation through innovation. Focusing on appealing to the older generation that they have does not benift them in the long term. Especially since their audience is starting to move to Youtube, Netflix and other media outlets/ services.

  4. Spread the TL;DR – Australia wants to make FB/Google pay PRIVATE news
    media companies and give them your user data… just for being able to
    have LINKS (yes.. I sh*t you not…. just links, there's no copyright
    theft here)… to news articles. I dont want Rupert Murdoch's news
    compies to know my youtube/google/facebook data.

  5. You're incorrect on the "targeting specific viewers" point. User data would only be shared at the discretion of the digital platforms, and only to the extent that this complies with the Australian Privacy Principles, as overseen by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. Having worked in privacy law for a few years, I can tell you that while our privacy regime isn't the strongest, it would be a gross breach of the APPs for individual user data to be shared with news organisations. These laws will not put your personal data into the hands of news orgs, but they will definitely have more access to macro information, which may have an effect on your browsing habits.

  6. You also have your facts wrong on the $600m figure. That amount is what news orgs WANT, not what they'll GET. The bill has a pretty robust arbitration procedure outlined, and that's only if they don't reach an agreement beforehand. I would be bewildered if they got anything close to $600m.

  7. Why would you say the corporations are conservative?

    Who are you trying to kid? MSM (7, 9, 10 & most certainly 2) and newspapers, an exception may be The Australian, are all left wing monopolies!!

    Everyone should research Agenda 21.

    That is where we are heading and left wing sites like this are part of the problem!

  8. Mainstream media wants to control the information and perception of things.. Each year they have failed with their goals.. This is their last resort to still survive as more people, specially the young are aware of their fake news…

  9. As an Australian, Id argue that most of the media is liberal. Fairfax, the Guardian and ABC are obvious ones but Herald Sun, Courier Mail etc are I would argue Left wing with a couple of right-wing commentators. The Australian (Murdoch) is the only one Id call conservative/centre-right

  10. We still have YouTube in America. But, they are censoring videos because of the Presidential Election coming in November. Any Christian channel, or channels that don't support the evil Demonratic agenda, gets dropped. But, anything supporting BLM and Antifa, and the crooked politicians is allowed to go through. President Trump haters get all their videos put up. They are even deleting viewers' comments.