Emergency sirens in Kyiv Ukraine stands against invaders

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  1. PUTIN What a nasty evil stupid ignorant selfish person this is all because of him. My heart goes out to the Ukrainian people. None of them should have to go through this. Its a tragedy. This is what happens when a mad man becomes a dictator.

  2. Where are the USA and European Leaders who were bubbling two days ago. That they will hit Russia if russian army get in to Ukraine soil…..finally ukraine people had to suffer beacuse of trusting USA and European Leaders.

  3. be safe my Ukranian friends. Keep in mind the Russian people are protesting this war. Putin is a bully. His armies will bleed and tire before your resolve fades. If I were a Ukranian citizen, know I would be on the lines shoulder to shoulder with you.

  4. I hate that siren….last I heard that sound was from a documentary about London Blitz in WW II –
    Now Putin is repeating Soviet history again?
    Stalinism allover again.

    "Stalin's regime forcibly purged society of what it saw as threats to itself and its brand of communism (so-called "enemies of the people"), which included political dissidents, non-Soviet nationalists, the bourgeoisie, better-off peasants ("kulaks"),[ and those of the working class who demonstrated "counter-revolutionary" sympathies. This resulted in mass repression of such people as well as their families, including mass arrests, show trials, executions, and imprisonment in forced labor and concentration camps known as Gulags. The most notable examples of this were the Great Purge and the Dekulakization campaign. Stalinism was also marked by mass religious persecution, and ethnic cleansing through forced deportations. Some historians such as Robert Service have blamed Stalinist policies, particularly the collectivization policies, for causing famines such as the
    Holodomo 1932-1933 "

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