Emily Jashinsky: Big Education And Big Business Are PLUNDERING Our Social Fabric

Emily Jashinsky makes the case that President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan will only worsen an already unfair system. #StudentDebt #Unemploment #studentloans

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  1. it seems liberal ideology tends to be static in the sense that x happens in a vacuum… Ryan says corporate America destroyed community… when I moved to KS in the 80s a friend was working in the union run slaughter industry and they were already making over 20$ an hour and on strike for the 5th time… he was so excited to make the greedy owners pay… I told him that his wages were unsustainable… he laughed… he and almost all that industry were unemployed in less that a year as that industry left this city…. "a bridge too far".. the coin always has 2 sides… yes, owners can be greedy… but then so can unions… and that is not good for communities..

  2. Ryan Grim was born in Allentown! He's must be related to our country coroner whose name I would see in the local newspaper! I had thought that when I first heard of Ryan! That's amazing!!!

  3. there is something to say about being part of something bigger than yourself. being able to work with other people from all types of backgrounds is enlightening, humbling, and a prerequisite for being a productive member of society. i worry the pervasive sense of entitlement is creating this laziness that somehow gives people the confidence to just sit around and complain about their life.

  4. It’s really unfortunate, my brother is one of these guys. When Emily described the statistics about them, he literally fits every parameter to a T. I have tried so hard to get him motivated and working and out doing something productive with his life, but painkillers have taken over. If he had a $100,000 a year job put in front of him, he simply could not do it. He does not possess the skills to succeed in a 21st-century workplace. I know a lot of guys like this, the country has generated a hardened core of men that are simply unemployable yet have every conniving way to scheme their way from day-to-day and never be without cigarettes food or pills or whatever. Complete societal failure that simultaneously everybody and nobody is responsible for at the same time.

  5. Yet another absolutely brilliant, 6-star radar analysis from Emily. She is absolutely amazing, incisive and on target.
    I'm shocked — SHOCKED I tell you, that I did not hear of this on CNN or BSNBC. ;~)
    We are SO lucky to have this team of Emily and Ryan. Thank you both!

  6. Totally disagree and dislike this co workers are not your friends etc A job doesn't replace social life and I find people that need all this social attention wired

  7. I think this is a complicated issue that is exacerbated by morons telling young people that they are victims and that being masculine and taking care of your family is toxic. You can be masculine, a good provider and father to your children IMO, and it's not toxic. Being a gentleman is not toxic. It's going to get worse before it gets better.

  8. I'm married, have two kids, and I have a high-paying job. We would have had a third kid if not for the high cost of college and retirement and taxes, and I will advise my kids not to get married or have kids. I want to be the last generation, so that the extremely greedy big education, big business, big government complex will not have future generations to exploit.

  9. Emily had some great points and understandings about the plight facing society in this piece. However she just abandons all of it to hold water for Reganism, which rolling back the gains of the great society social protections and then set an anti union/anti worker stance which greatly contributed to the declines in worker power, worker dignity, and worker socetial cohesion. Why do we expect work to be the most dominant thing in everyones life, people need to meet their spouses at work, get their belonging from work, get their health care from work. In the midst of such increases in productivity, we have destroyed the work life balance, and blamed the worker when they want to make changes or decline to participate in a sysyem that refuses to validate them or change.

  10. The metaverse is just going to be a sink for for guys. If you think screens are addictive now, imagine how addictive fully immersive environments are. Zuckerberg doesn't care so long as people use his platform.

  11. Most of these unclaimed jobs are in the trades. Cant metaverse a plumber or carpenter or electrician to the job im afraid. Many of these young unemployed men were so pampered and sheltered as children they never learned how to do anything but look at a screen…..

  12. Until people understand that men are locked up for very silly reasons – and they should not be judged based on “criminal record” yet to get an apartment or a decent job you have to pass a background check.

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