Emily Jashinsky FACT CHECKS: Biden, MSM Peddled 10-Year-Old Abortion HOAX?

Culture editor at The Federalist, Emily Jashinsky discusses a story on a 10-year-old rape victim taken up by the White House and media that may be illegitimate.

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  1. Story confirmed and arrest made. Wow right wing anti-abortion advocates literally cannot be trusted. I live in Indianapolis and was very sad when I thought our very neutral Indy Star may have been wrong… but they weren't. Folks there is a reason old main stream news outlets are still important. Maybe they didn't want to dox a 10 year-old victim like the hill? Emily should do a new video admitting she was wrong.

  2. I knew it was a hoax. As Scot Adams would say "way too on the nose" the story was way too perfect for the narrative they are desperate to push. Good on you Hill for telling the truth.

  3. Update – an arrest has been made in this case. Turns out it was true. Just because the media couldn't find the girl, didn't mean that the doctor was lying to the media. I agree that Biden using her tragedy in a speech but not lifting a finger to try to help her is pretty gross though.

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