Emily Jashinsky: WSJ Runs DEFENSE For Elaine Chao’s Shady CCP Business Connections, BUT TRUMP?

Emily Jashinsky criticizes the Wall Street Journal’s defense of former Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao. #ElaineChao #MitchMcConnell #Transportation

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  1. So why did Trump hire Elaine Chao to work in his Administration?
    Why did Trump let his daughter Ivanka work in the White House even though she couldn't pass the Security background check and continued to further her Trademark deals with China?
    Why was Trump himself still making money off of The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China who pays rent for renting out space in his Trump Tower?

  2. I don’t think Trump had much of a choice. McCommell told Trump who to put into many cabinet positions and had absolute control over federal and supreme court judges nominations. Trump wasn’t able to do many things he thought he would be able to do. RFK Jr tells a story about Trump asking him to be his official Vaccine Expert. Very soon after Trump took office, RFK Jr had a meeting with Trump to discuss it. He left feeling encouraged. On his way of of the building, he saw Bill Gates heading in. A couple of days later, he was told Trump is no longer interested in working with you. Even though Trump went rogue once in awhile, for the most part, he did as he was told.

  3. Besides Trump himself McConnell is the most responsible for Trump's loss in 2020. He stonewalled Trump's $2K Covid checks which was extremely popular and the Biden team pick it up and ran with it.

  4. of course politicains are connected to China, just because they talk badly about China, doesn't mean nothing. Politicans and many more Americans who talk about China have investments and make money from China. The point is, politicans both dems and repubs talk bad about anything and anyone and invest in those same things cause it makes money for them. Period. We the people
    need to talk to each other and organize and create the kind of communities we would like.

  5. Emily, you are a gem. BTW, as to appearances of access: Most of these influence-peddlars are lawyers. They know they are supposed to avoid even "the APPEARANCE" of impropriety. They should at least be disbarred.

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