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  1. Organized criminals in public office are the worst…lifelong corruption become normal. Then the system becomes corrupt. Then you have every branch,every level of government decadent, arrogant,gaslighting us into a stupor!

  2. If you have someone suffering from Dementia it's easy to see Biden is deep into it, Emotional outburst, only speaks about the past, has no short term memory, Tourette syndrome response to simple questions and repetition & stuttering of speech to mention a few.

  3. 30% of Americans polled approve of Biden. Low? That's still a majority of democrats.
    Imagine how horrible a Leftist POTUS would have to be to get only 10% approval.

  4. This war is directly connected to Biden's corrupt energy deals with Ukraine and China which cuts off Russia's energy sources. Why do you think Russia is so angry? And it's been building for years! Set up by Biden. Why do you think we left Afghanistan bases intact which are now in the hands of China? Why do you think our top military talks to China? Both General Milley and Nancy Pelosi scheduled a call with China when? Oh JAN 6th!

  5. Russia didn't start this war, but it's going to end it..
    This war started 8 years ago after the American backed and funded coup d'etat in Feburary 2014 on the Russian speaking Ukrainians in the Donbass region leading to the deaths of over 14,000 innocent civilians from war crimes and violations of the Minsk agreement..

  6. What’s the most important point of this whole thing was the Americans budget? .. which he side stepped while talking about a war that has nothing to do with this country!! That’s why all Politicians are full of shit.. All they wanna do is make money for companies that have invested in them.

  7. Well, this what you get when a incompetent idiot like Joe Biden is put in charge. 🤣
    Hey 81 million Americans, are you still happy with Dementia Joe Biden?😳
    You better get use to high gasoline prices and high food prices for the next four years.🤣🤣🤣
    Joe Biden and the Socialist/Marxists Democrats give financial aid to illegal immigrants and not a damm thing to hungry and homeless Americans living in the streets.😡
    I bet Americans miss Donald Trump as President. 👍👍💖

  8. Remember when he said "Go get him" at the STOU? That was the same guy in his ear piece blurting out. "For gods sake this man can not remain in power"🤣

  9. You gotta love Colbert taking Doocy's question out of context, completely ignoring that Biden dismissed the "in-kind" retaliation comment.

    It was a very astute question. And one Biden could have answered by simply saying that he would not use chemical weapons, but respond in equal force in a method that would not be disclosed in a public forum.

    But this "President" has no ability to comprehend decorum, let alone where he even is at any given moment. So we shouldn't expect anything less.


  10. It would be hilarious for Biden and Putin to set up a meeting and then in front of the world while Biden is getting ready to go through the door for the meeting Putin slammed it right in his face. That would be a video I could watch over and over again like with Biden falling up the stairs going into Air Force One, I laugh every time I see it.

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