Employees MELTDOWN Over New Jordan B. Peterson Book Beyond Order Just Like Joe Rogan & Spotify

Jordan B Peters has done a TON of good to help wake people up to the importance of free speech and helped a lot of people understand mental health. I will be defending him on this one.

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  2. Picture this: you walk up to your coworkers and tell them that you're going to make millions with this new book; they break into tears, cry and whine because they don't like the author/content or it isn't specifically catered to them.

  3. I remember when they burned JK Rowling books back in the early 2000s… wait did they do that recently again because she was transphobic? These people keep burning books unaware that by doing so they condone silencing speech

  4. Imagine having such limited confidence in your ability to argue, that you have to silence the people who disagree with you. This is what JP talks about all the time. All of the people in totalitarian countries who speak out against the current regime end up in a field with 2 in the head.

    “People who disagree with me need to be silenced.” Is a stones throw from “People who disagree with me need to be killed.”

  5. The craziest thing is that as a highly educated doctor of psychology, JOrdon petersons first response would be to help these people trying to control his life .

  6. Crying and complaining over Jordan Peterson's books? These people would almost certainly suffer cardiac arrest if they read one of my favorite books, Mark Twain's "Letters from the Earth"

  7. I don't get people who criticize Jordan Peterson for his drug abuse and stint in rehab. He got clean and went back to business. That just makes him more qualified to give people advice to me.

  8. This is insane. Are hurt feelings (their choice to feel hurt) going to determine the future of what books are published? Fuck cancel culture. For real. This sanitized future that comes from overly emotional people is fucking depressing.

  9. "Any idiot knows that."

    Jeremy, I think you're overestimating the real world business intelligence of people who start businesses. There's a reason more businesses fail than succeed.

  10. This is crazy kindergarten behavior by those "adult" employees… Love Jordan Peterson, has helped me a lot in life. 12 rules for life is one of my favourite books and his podcast is great! Super exited for his next book!
    Thanks for the booktips, JP being on TheQuartering would be epic!!