Employer Risks with Mandating Vaccinations

Employers take note. You are putting yourselves at high risk when mandating vaccinations absent any legislative powers to do so. We are spearheading a precedent case in WA with a brave paramedic and we have made our submissions available to all. Please join People for Safe Vaccines who is sponsoring the case

We must set the boundaries. OH&S and WHS laws and regulations do not allow for vaccinations as measures. We can’t just pluck policy out of think air. The principle of legality ensures that any such measures must be referable to laws. In the absence of that, Employers simply don’t have the powers to enforce mandatory vaccinations. The upper limit of measure are PPE and other similar engineering controls. Employers are also not qualified individuals. Employers will leave themselves open for liability for tortious actions against them by employees. Governments have not provided them indemnity and Workcover has not assured employees will be covered for any injury and/or death. This is simply an outrage.

Please also join Australians Say No to Mandatory Vaccination:

And more specifically:

Written by Serenatopia


  1. Hello. Please disregard if you are already aware. I came across Tanya Davies MP clip this morning, she highlights from pages 32 of 44 onwards..

  2. Great work Serena!! I emailed you re my situation a week or so again re mandatory vaccination being applied to me & other Council workers. I haven’t heard back from you as yet. Look forward to speaking. Oh wonderful news Glady just resigned 🎉 !!!! Cheers Chris R

  3. Hi Serene, for the record, I tried to tell my friend, an aged care worker in Brisbane everything you have said, well before her employer at Birkdale had set a deadline to get jabbed. Despite spending countless hours trying explain the reality of the situation, her fear got the better of her.
    Since having the second jab, she has been feeling chest pain.

  4. Serene thank you so much my employer has mandated the jab for all Driver/Guides including anyone that fronts with the public. They are also implementing a covid 19 policy effective today.
    I was meant to be going onto permanent at our depot but as I will not have this toxic jab this most likely won't happen now. The head office in Sydney are also saying all Guests must have both jabs by the 1st Dec 2021 to Dec 2022 to be able to travel with us.
    Keep up the great work. 💜

  5. Wow, your comment about Nathan Buckley lawyer, no wonder I've had NO reply to my 2 emails…. I'm not impressed either.
    I'm an ex healthcare worker, no jab no job and have some questions about the end of my employ. Serene, your explanations are easy to understand, wondering if you can help me??

  6. Dear Serene, have so much love and respect for you. Very inspirational. Thanks from the bottom of mine and my family’s heart. The world needs more people like you. Sending strengthening, loving vibes from Western Australia

  7. I work for Spotlight we have been told if we don't have jab we lose our Christmas bonus. After yesterday's announcement expecting to be told today we have to be jabbed by 15th Oct.

  8. Niamh Kinchin, a senior law lecturer at the University of Wollongong, told AAP FactCheck that NSW health orders are imposed under section 7 of NSW’s Public Health Act, which gives the health minister “quite a wide discretion” to make orders about things like face masks and stay-at-home directions.

  9. Professor Anne Twomey, a professor of constitutional law at the University of Sydney, said it was “misleading and dangerous” to assert that people may not need to comply with NSW public health orders on the basis that no state of emergency has been declared.

  10. What can we do in Vic? We are all being made to to vaccinated by a date, just weeks, they threatening our job, holiday pay and so on…. And now the corrupts getting investigated… should all refuse the jab (I am).

  11. I wonder how long it will take the young men suffering heart damage to begin suing their employers. As surely as the sun and moon comes out so does the truth – politicians take note

  12. Serene, you are an absolute warrior. I have been following the work you have been doing for over 18months now and would like to thank you for all your hard work and dedication in helping those without a voice and in need. It's people like you who make this world a better place. ❤❤❤

  13. I'm in Melbourne work in disability sector and my house suppervisor told me this morning that they might have to let go the un jabbed because businesses will get fined.

  14. What do we do if we're told it's necessary to be able to keep the roof above our family's head but don't want it in our bodies? What can we possibly do but take it? Believe me, i have already felt the consequences of pharma/regulator lies and once pharma started circling on this one i knew it was going nowhere good. What can we do? Love your work too.

  15. Thank you for your tireless efforts to represent all of the “oppressed” Aussies! You are one of our shining stars! You give us hope in the legal processes!