Empty Shelves & Food Shortages

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Empty shelves are leading to unfounded claims and fears of food shortages on social media.


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Written by Heise Says


  1. Due to border restrictions I had a priority load from Melbourne to Brisbane for a major supermarket chain delayed 22 hours due to my covid test (required for entry into QLD) being lost in the lab. In the last month I personally have lost close to 4 days waiting for test results to come back so I can enter Queensland.

  2. All good. Sydney property is up 21.6% over the last 12 months. Actually the price rises seem to be accelerating!
    There's an amusing ad (before this video started) by Craig Kelly – United Australia Party, about Liberals and Labor having destroyed the economy! And that lockdowns need to end!
    But no! The economy is soaring on this pandemic!

  3. I do like your fasting suggestion. I’m about to through some major changes, uprooted and jobless so a good time to experiment with intermittent fasting.

  4. I thought you wrote earlier that there's no truckers' strike. The stores look low on inventory to me. If you check again at the end of the week at the same stores, that would be very telling if the shortage was just short term or NOT. Unfortunately, it's happening in many parts of the United States. They are factors creating mass food shortages: from government paying farmers to not grow crops to higher costs for food producers, and worker shortages. This is FOOD TYRANNY!

  5. I don't believe the Coles statement for a second. It is specific lines that are completely sold out while others have plenty of stock. This is a logistics/delivery issue not a staffing issue. When I worked in supermarkets as a teenager you would do shifts at neighboring stores sometimes to cover staffing issues… They had this technology 20 years ago, I assume it still exists today.

  6. Yes that book you once read that told you that overconsumption and overpopulation was a myth was in fact bullshit like most of what you think you know . Its because of overpopulation and abrupt climate change , drought and all the rest . If you wernt so arrogant and cock sure of your superiority you might pull your head out your arse and realise the human race has destroyed the plannet ,pushed most species to extinction or the brink of it and that this is a downward spiral that will never end . Greedy stupid people having too many kids will now soon realise the stupidity of their actions and the hubris involved to get us to this point . Humans are going extinct and we will take all other species with us once our nuclear power stations melt down . That one book you read was bullshit and you lived your whole life by it . Your not so clever as you told me you think you are . Have a shtine of coffee while you still can . Industrial civilisation is on it's way down now

  7. Don’t forget that Woolworths have quietly removed night fill jobs in many stores , that and the big 2 have had a 30% increase in sales during this , day shift can’t keep up with restocking shelves, it’s not the truck driver’s!

  8. A protein & fat rich meal for breakfast always amazes people that they aren't hungry come morning tea or sometimes even lunch… in other words, you may not even notice you missed a meal or two here and there

  9. You are so asleep, anyone taking these experimental vaccines has been watching the fully corrupt MSM for far to long, and I also watched you talk about the Covid camps as if it’s normal, I will no longer subscribe your channel.

  10. Regardless, the Truckie's videoed stating to get enough supplies in for a couple of weeks. Any family that has nothing in the cupboards or fridge, then they aren't good housekeepers. In this day and age it is advisable to be self-sufficient for a minimum of a week. Preferably two weeks to a month.

    With natural disaster that also includes high winds, blackouts but in particular preparing for earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, flooding, thunder/lightening storms and even tornadoes, which have been experienced in Australia. With the increase in population and limited speciality manpower as in restoring power and then there are the dedicated Volunteers in various avenues with SES being the most sought after. We must all be start being prepared to be self-sufficient for up to a month. The more the better, rotating supplies regularly. Help from outside is always going to be restricted.

    People must also prepare for the dreaded lay-offs and when money is extremely tight. We have to get out of the behaviour that "she'll be right mate". That is not always the case. We also have to prepare for times of family illness and extended family members needing our help. We must ALL stop being relying on others to come to our rescue.

    Personally I do believe about staff shortages due to employees going into lockdown and quarantine. I have seen a supermarket chain telling the public of being short staffed. For those who are experiencing bare shelves, let it be a wake-up. Start laying in extras when money allows. For a month, go without take-away, dining out, other forms of entertainment until you have enough food stored for breakfast and one hot meal a day for a week, then extend to 2 then 3 and finally a month.

    Don't forget about an alternative means of energy to cook, supplying alternative light at night. Water rationing, learning to take a sponge was once a week or maybe a couple of times a week, until you find out how much your family needs of water, to survive. Remembering that water stored in properly prepared containers doesn't go off, it may go flat but you can still drink it. Then once you have your stores under the beds and filling all your empty spaced think about getting at least one form of water filtering and purification. Even if it is to start by buying one LifeStraw for each household member and the move forward from there.

    Believe it or not, there are people who have lived like this in many areas of Australia, especially those prone to cyclones. Make sure to store you food packages in sealed, secure containers that insects, rodents etc. can't chew through. Never forgetting to rotating, using and replacing your stores before they expire. Stop being selfish, relying on others. Stand on your own two feet.

    Even if you only get rice, pasta and sauces in to start with. It's better to go to bed with a full belly than an empty one, especially with kids. One day you maybe thankful for your like stockpile. You may have the family all down with a bug, no ones well enough to shop but there's no food in the house. Hang on, let's raid our supplies. Just don't forget to resupply when family life is restored to normal. Try and get a mylar emergency space blanket for each member of the family. They will keep the cold at bay.

    Believe it or not, you can still buy Kerosene heaters which aren't terribly experience, get a reserve of Kerosene fuel in. Better than freezing your butt off when you have no power. Just buy a carbon monoxide detector to use with it. Please folk, take this seriously. I do practice what I preach and have done so for 47 years.