End of Quote. Repeat the Line: Biden Has Another Senior Moment

White house in massive damage control:

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  1. There are many screaming to impeach and remove Biden. Especially if the GOP wins this November. This is a reason why I don't support it. Biden isn't the one who's really in charge anyway, and his presence has become a liability to his own party. Pushing Biden out of office would actually help the Democrats.

  2. "Salute the Marines"

    Remember when the newly elected president said that? That was right at the beginning of his term. When the soldier was holding the door for him, instead of saluting, Joe said "Salute the Marines" and went inside.

  3. Hey Styx, don't you remember the diversity hire's first Saint Patrick's day in office? The "help" loaded the Irish ambassadors speech into the teleprompter by mistake. Obama didn't even hear himself reading the wrong speech. Finally someone cut the teleprompter. I happened to catch the goof, live, of the smartest president ever. That's when I realized Obama really was a stage prop. Idk if you can find the clip archived anywhere. It disappeared pretty quickly.

  4. This is NOT a ‘senior moment.’ Tired of people equating ‘old’ with ‘demented’. It’s an Alzheimer’s moment. I’m 70 and my BFF is 89 and Sonny we’ve knew more in fifth grade than you’ve ever known. 😁

  5. Old Joe definitely has either dementia, Alzheimer's, or both. Age alone is no proper excuse for Biden's, shall we say, poor control of his faculties. My 90 year old great uncle is far more cogent than our esteemed former vice president.

  6. Oh please. There is absolutely ZERO chance that Biden can, would, should run in 2024. The notion is patently absurd. Anybody who says otherwise is completely Loony Tunes. Stop pretending everybody.

  7. Joe Biden needs more than teleprompter and notes to make a speech. He needs instructions on when to sit down! lololol At first it was funny, then it was sad. But after what he's done to this country and continues to do, it's back to hilarious. Lets go Brandon, you can go straight to hell, for all I care.

  8. Hey Styx I just heard that 5 million barrels out of our strategic reserve were sent over seas !!! (WTF?!) effen Biden is just effing our country up like nothing I've ever seen in my whole life!! If the American ppl don't make a stink SOON WE'RE HEADING FOR THE GUTTER !!

  9. Joe is not experiencing any greater frequency of "senior moments" in this year as opposed to last year. It is just the fact that he has been ushered into the spotlight with greater frequency because some misguided handlers think Joe needs to "get out there" to fire up the base.
    Unfortunately for this idea to work you need two things. First, a guy who isn't senile and second, you need a guy who isn't a lifelong moron. Crooked Joe, however, is both senile and a moron.

  10. Obama was good at improvisation. That's a good one Styx. Obama only sounds half competent with a teleprompter, without one he sounds like a moron with nothing to say.

  11. My grandma died with Alzheimer's last year. It started maybe 6 or 7 years ago after she had a sudden seizure, which was not a thing for her previous. It slowly got worse, but it was manageable. By Christmas of that year, you could have a conversation with her. A singular conversation over and over again. By mid January, she was entirely bed ridden. We had to take her to the hospital for falls because she forgot she couldn't get out of bed numerous times before February. Beginning of February, we start hospice care. She was almost completely gone. The few moments of clarity she had, all she could tell me is how much she just wanted to die so it would stop. A few days later, she had almost no motor control, completely unable to speak. She died in my arms as my mom and aunt were cleaning her from being soiled. I knew the moment it happened.
    The reason I say this is because I have watched it first hand. If Joe is anything similar, he doesn't have the rest of his term. And I say that with as much compassion as I have, even though I believe he's an evil, power hungry suit who will say anything for more control.

  12. At least this helps show us that he's not really in charge of anything, and it's getting more clear every passing month to people who haven't quite figured it out yet.

  13. my prediction is that the Establishment will JFK Joe,
    prior to the midterms,
    and pin it on a "crazed DJT supporter," activated by "the BIG LIE" — in order to silence opposition to this disastrous maladministration, as well as to manufacture support for his successor(Kruella Harris).
    That's your October Surprise — that and a hamfisted attempt to broadcast a frog march of DJT, on trumped up 1/6/21 charges…

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