End of the Road for Britain As Sovereign Debt Crisis Kicks Off.

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Today we will do a follow-up to a recent video on the state of the UK sovereign debt market.

Our conclusion is that after decades of kicking the can down the road Britain is at the end of the road financially and economically.

maneco64 video from 2016- Brexit Used as Scapegoat for Deliberate UK Inflationary Policy:

FirstFT: Rishi Sunak warns of risk that markets lose faith in UK economy:


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  1. Liz Truss is, it seems to me, quite prepared to destroy the country in "support" of the Zelensky regime, not that it is in support of the tens of thousands of Ukranian troops that have been and will be killed.

  2. A lot of very useful information here, especially the government spending against GDP.
    But don't worry, in the event of a crash they will just turn off the ATM's and fine you if you die of starvation in the street!!

  3. It is a very conflicting inner-fight to; on the one hand want this insane system to end and go back to sound money.
    And on the other, becoming angry that things within the systems influence are crashing..

    I guess one allways hope that failiures will be corrected in a controlled manner.. yet they never are and allways bring horror to all.
    Humans has not evolved one bit, pray will be pray and we'll have the limited minded predatorpeople ontop once again.

  4. Mario, sometimes we need a little "feel good". The kick off in the title is reminiscent of US football. Recently, Ichiro was inducted into the Mariners Hall of Fame. Check out his speech. Uplifting.

  5. Mario, they are ALL deficit spending with the US the worst example. We are ALL living beyond our means. I am sure the great and the good have already planned an international currency reset , protecting themselves and screwing the rest of us ! Rob Thomas UK.

  6. Have followed your wonderful channel for nearly 2 years now and your erudition has really formed my understanding of and attitude to the present "system". Would you not agree though that in terms of capital preservation holding dollars over the last six months would have by my calculations produced an yield of around 14% and would in the short term been beneficial then when the dollar either softens and crumbles institute a move back into gold.

  7. Key question that I don't know the answer to: If the dollar goes into hyperinflation, what happens to the Pound? In theory, the dollar would crash against the pound, why would we start to hyperinflate if the dollar does?

  8. Also regarding something that popped up when you were talking to Rafi Faber last Sunday, the crypto that tokenizes physical gold, that Rafi was not at all adverse to, does actually exist – it's called Pax Gold and one token is equivalent to one ounce of audited bullion gold vaulted in Switzerland. Would be interested on your take on this! Many thanks.

  9. WARNING ⚠️ : 'Making the £ globally competitive', is what the Conservatives are going to call the devaluation of the British currency! This is definitely happening.

  10. the game with the NOMINAL talks and decreasing value and purchasing power is EVIL GENIAL. So people mean having a lot – in reality this big number is worthless…… no one is crying out – INFLATION IS JUST AND SIMPLE BIG STEALING OF HARD EARNED PERSONAL WEALTH. Governments and Central Banks know well how executing this rubbery.

  11. Honestly, I think we should put a human shield around Downing Street and stop anyone from entering Number 10, but having said that, whoever does come in will immediately direct the Bank of England to do MORE QE! It's the only option to get our cost of funding down, at the expense of Sterling, of course!

  12. All fiat currencies are not actually money. Silver and Gold are money…they are God's money…
    Haggai 2:8 -The silver is mine, and the gold is mine,' says Yahweh of Armies.

  13. We have, in essence, been borrowing off tomorrow for nigh on the past fifty years. Problem is … tomorrow has not forgotten. Buckle up peeps. A 'dark winter' approacheth.

  14. inflation is by definition a pumping up of the currency in circulation by printing it out of value then feeding it back into the stock market where it remains out of the hands of the people who need it, like right now.

  15. The Brits can never accept that their world importance and bubble is over. Things are going to have to get much worse before that happens.
    I am much reminded of the Monty Python sketch. Where you have two knights in a sword fight.
    One of the knights gradually loses both arms and then both legs, but still does not believe he is undone and continues wanting to fight, as he is invincible.

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