END of Western Civilization, WWIII and George Soros

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  1. Remember the Zeitgeist films: Zeitgeist [2007], Zeitgeist : Addendum [2009], and Zeitgeist : Moving Forward [2011]?
    What the hell happened to The Venus Project? I guess it died with its founder, Jacque Fresco…? I haven't heard anything about it since he died. In fact I was hearing very little in the years leading up to his passing. Did it lose steam? Did it fail? Is it still chugging away in the background, barley clinging to life? Where is TVP?
    I wonder if it was hijacked and Frankenstiened into the NWO garbage pushed by the WEF and WHO…? Wouldn't surprise me.

  2. It makes sense if you understand that their agenda is to destroy the economy and bring in a new world order central bank digital currency. Ordo ab Chao & Problem-Reaction-Solution is coming! The elites are raising interest rates to curb the inflation they created. These high interest rates will not be sustainable with the world being so far in debt and a collapse is inevitable. Their solution is the digital currency to control us like their cattle chattel.

  3. oh well most countries and States already have plans break off from their respective lands if such a situation arises. only issue is most states and countries that do break off will struggle and die or take years gain stability where as a only a few can and will survive and become the new super powers.

  4. My inner-self tells me that Putin is in with the globalists and this was all planned. He owed favors to the globalists and with his possible failing health they called in those favors to set in motion the biggest parts of "the great reset." Let historians write that the decent people did nothing and stayed on their kness for decades during the lead-up to this great reset.

  5. I haven't trusted Western politicians ever since the imposed multiculturalism on the West. That was the first clear sign they did not care about the people they governed.

  6. The threat to human (in contrast to "Western") civilization can be alleviated by nuking London and Washington. Though I'm not sure what is preferable: Washington or New York. So, considering how high are stakes it is better to be on the safe side and nuke them both. So, mere 3 cities in total. Negligible price comparing to the universal benefit.

  7. Ray Dalio has created the future by selling his predictions to the markets and to Davos and the WEF as if it were fact. 🙁 If ever there was a fence sitting destroyer of worlds in the guise of a cuddly bunny rabbit, it is Dalio – like the rabbit seer "Fiver" from Watership Downs. Soros and Klaus are the hungry wolves, salivating as Ray weaves his tale of America's decline. How gullible is the world – and Dalio – not to recognize these wolves as the spiritual torch-bearers of the fourth Reich!

  8. Sorry this is off topic, but I still can't over the fact that Real Time with Bill Maher, who is subscribed to like 10 channels in total, is or was also subscribed to you.

    I just think that's a great cross over 😂

  9. I've grown to hate this preconception where things are going to get overtly much worse.
    They're not. The current state of things is as bad it gets, because you boil the frog slowly.
    "Tyranny is when you literally have a gun to your head when you have a dissenting thought" , no actually, tyranny is what we have right now, where you're afraid to voice your dissenting thought because you're conscious of the consequences.
    You don't literally have to have a gun pointed at you.

  10. The dependence on green energy will be a kill shot in the next decade. At about 2030, the sun will reach a grand solar minimum and cooling down of the climate WILL occur to a degree we have not seen since the Maunder Minimum. The Potomac River froze over at that time, so that armaments could be hauled across it in our Revolutionary war. There were crop failures and food shortages all across the northern hemisphere. Dependence on wind and solar without sufficient base load sources of energy will bring shortages and problems that wil dwarf the present conditions. We’re being led by zealots and morons who live in a fantasy world they know what’s best for civilization, when in reality as you have pointed out many times, they’re the last people who should be making decisions for others.

  11. The WHO is a private company, just like the Federal reserve is NOT a goverment entity. We need a new "French Revolution" to get rid of the people att the top who are destroying the west.

  12. The elephant in the room is overpopulation. It’s a taboo subject that not many want to talk about. Most problems like food shortages pollution homelessness etc etc are just symptoms of overpopulation

  13. What amazes me the most is the fact that the middle class in North America and Western Europe has been actively involved in their own destruction over the past 3 decades.

  14. Black Pigeon, there are some nice videos by Maiorianus "Who were the last Pagans of Rome?" and "Was the Fall of Rome a good thing?". It took over two centuries after Constantine's conversion for Christian minority eradicate and convert the pagan majority while subverting the foundations of Roman civilization and the elimination of pagan legions in the Western regions of the Empire. External enemies had a comparatively easy time taking over Britain, Gaul, and Spain. The nexus of intellectual activists, government, and corporate-media complex gaslighting the public, undermining our education and the liberal arts by replacing the spirit of debate and free inquiry with ideological litmus testing and cancel culture, toppling statues of Columbus/Washington/Jefferson/various white abolitionists or even Frederick Douglass/Churchill/Gandhi, and other acts of cultural desecration while doubling down on confrontations with Russia and China with virtue-signaling and indignation — all of it seems reminiscent of what the Roman Empire's pagan population may have witnessed in their era.

  15. The West is No Longer the Best. All the West exports is Pop -Culture and if K-Pop and Bollywood has shown us anything, is that they already have their own Pop culture and can survive with out Hollywood and our music industry. When you set out to "Americanize/Westernize" everyone around you, nothing seems to be special or unique anymore.

  16. It’s either Christ or Chaos. The world has rejected Christ for many centuries and what we have is chaos. Let it all burn to the ground. Those who are living for Christ will rebuild from the ashes. We’re not confused about gender and can procreate without technological intervention.

  17. Honestly Russia and China would probably do a far better job at running our civilization than we have. We already don't have free speech, trust me I know from experience.

  18. Methinks Shitros is aware he'll be dead soon. Thus I'm not surprised he's gotten more desperate and bold in his subversion of society. Long term, I'm hopeful we'll right our course.

  19. Wait, you actually think that the lack of new factories is somehow connected to the pandemic? Why don't you do even a modicum of investigating before sharing your opinion? Like, when did factory building slow down? You'll discover it was decades ago when the government allowed manufacturing jobs to be shipped overseas. Why is China now a superpower? Who could possibly know? Surely, you're aware of how Chinese companies treat their workers. Now let's return to decades ago and see what happened before that. Unions were targeted; demonizing them, defanging them, and hamstringing them. As a result, they lost what little influence they had. So, no one stopped these factory jobs from being shipped overseas. Here we are now.

  20. In late 2019, the Demonrats knew that President Trump was going to win a second term and they would become irrelevant. With the cooperation of the CCP they unleashed a virus upon the world that wasn't deadly, but could be used to create fear to scare the people to quit their jobs and stay at home and mask their faces. President Trump had no option but to try and create a vaccine to the pandemic, but the Demonrats offered brain-dead puppet as an alternative to President Trump. Creepy Joe has set about to set us on fire as punishment for supporting President Trump and wanting freedoms.

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