Enemy of the State Part 1: The Police State

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This video captures some of the Victorian Police responses to protestors in Melbourne over two years, with some juxtaposed to black and white shots of the same locations taken this last week.

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. Insanity. Madness. 2021 – the year that every social institution, including the unions, the media, the government, the police and AHPRA in one voice all declared war on the people of Australia. ALL of them but especially the police have lost public trust FOREVER. NEVER forget

  2. The problem is not police. They are performing their duty. The problem is the political system. If our enemy is our government, we, the people have a REAL BIG problem. Please don't tell me we will need to have a revolution to stop our government doing more harm to our health and save our children.

  3. Thanks Sam, for documenting🙏 We can forgive, but let's not forget!! We've been abused, traumatised and gas-lit for over two years… and now they think sprinkling some "fairy forgetting dust" makes everything go back to "normal".😔

  4. Dan Andrew’s won’t be Premier for ever. Even if he moves overseas, people will recognise him. He’d better have the SASR on retainer because that’s only way he will be able to go anywhere without being told the truth by those who disapprove of him.

  5. Welcome to communist Victoria. With corrupt unions, corrupt justice system, corrupt media, corrupt schools, and corrupt councils and government. Where the leaders are never punished no matter what they do wrong. Everyone just has a pacifying protest then go back to supporting the corrupt leaders who still do whatever they want.

  6. Lest we forget.
    Election is coming. And use your right, to punish the ones who are responsible. Cut the head of the snake at the ballot box this year. End this for good democratically.

  7. If the police stood with the people the politicians would be standing talking to themselves. The police are not required to have a high IQ and definitely no critical thinkers need apply. However they need to realise that they are people too

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