Energy Bills: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!…

The UK is an object lesson in stupidity as energy prices go higher and bills to households more than double in a few short months. Some are threatening to start a payment strike, as people will be forced to trade off heating versus eating.

But we in Australia are, according to the recent RBA Statement, also exposed to persistently rising energy bills. This is of course caused by the gas cartel as I have been highlighting. But the truth is, where the UK is going we may well follow, so expect persistent higher inflation in coming months. UK inflation is predicted to reach 13%, thanks to high energy costs – so just how high will we be going?

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  1. Welcome to the Clean Energy Future!! Imagine grown adults believing the myth that you can run modern, energy-intensive economies on sunshine, breezes and unicorn farts. Maybe this is the painful wake up call the West needs to end this delusional, destructive, regressive 'green' insanity once and for all and return to the cheap, reliable and abundant energy sources that were needed to build the great Western economies in the first place. This train wreck has been coming for years. The Ukraine war has merely exposed decades of energy policy insanity. #Solar + #Wind = #HotAirWithSpin

  2. It's going to be massively uncomfortable especially for pensioners and those in debt…in fact the next few years may break the cigi market. I'm sure many smokers will be looking to reclaim the $15-20K they spend on the durries each year. And I'm sure the Private Health funds are pooing bricks along with car dealers.

  3. I'm just so glad that the conservative governments in Australia had the good sense to privatise our utilities sector and to license the harvesting of gas and coal from our reserves to foreign owned companies.. Where would we be now without the wisdom of our esteemed leaders that saw fit to put our resources into safe foreign hands for our future's sake. We'd be in real trouble if we still controlled those resources. Thanks John. And thanks Jeff for making all of Victoria's utility sector so much more efficient by privatising it. Where would we be now without your foresight?

  4. Move massively to renewables,smart green homes etc,with appropriate Government support to the deserving,put the predators out of business as much as possible,the technology is making huge advances.

  5. It's crazy that Australians are going to suffer all because of the global warming lies. Just like Australians were scammed with the Wu flu lies they are now going to suffer because of the climate lies. I guess the gullible muppets need to suffer in order to learn.

  6. Nah, she’ll be right mate

    If you think about it,!then it’s a problem

    If you don’t think about it…then no problem mate

    And us aussies are unlike anyone else from other countries…we look after our mates

    No wucking forries , she’ll be right mate

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