ENERGY DYSTOPIA? Russia Sanctions CRUSH EU Citizens, Wheel Of Fortune Pays Energy BILLS: Bri & Robby

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss Europe’s ongoing energy crisis in light of the EU’s sanctions againt Russia. #Russia-Ukraine #Energy #Oil #Sanctions #EU

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  1. All Russia asked for was no weapons on near borders. To declare neutrality. Ukraine and Joe Biden started this war. Russia will defend itself. So did we during Cuba missle crisis. Didn't Cuba have the right to join with Russia in treaty? We didn't allow it but defend our near borders by invading Cuban waters to block Russia! Well Russia is blocking NATO. This can end if Ukraine and others will back off !

  2. Dont be ignorant Natural gas is natural and burns extremely extremely clean! Green agenda is a one world order tax scheme to take your money. They don't spend the taxes to create clean energy! They are crooks.

  3. Obviously, Brianna doesn't know her post WWII history. Many former eastern European nations were occupied by Soviet Union and communism was forced upon them. When Soviet Union collapsed many of them demanded to become part of NATO. Also, many of these nations embraced capitalism and democracy and enjoyed much higher standard living because yhey did.

  4. Russia has done nothing wrong to you, traded with you. You started imposing sanctions under fictitious pretexts, got into the wrong business (showed imposed solidarity). That's the result, do you like it? And you could just be friends with Russia.

    Вам Россия не делала ничего плохого, торговала с вами. Вы же начали вводить санкции под выдуманными предлогами, полезли не в свое дело (проявили навязанную солидарность). Вот и результат, нравится он вам? А можно было просто дружить с Россией.

  5. Someday you will realize that the United States and its allies are not the whole world. But only a part of it, and a small one at that! It will not work to impose its own rules on such states as Russia, China or India. It turned out that the United States is weak even against a single Russia.

    Когда-нибудь вы поймете что США и союзники это не весь мир. А всего лишь его часть, и причем малая! Навязать свои правила таким государствам как Россия, Китай или Индия не получится. Выяснилось, что США слабы даже против единственной России.

  6. The resurgence in nuclear in the U.S. is a power play that a competent news outlet would examine for the amount of influence, corruption, and connections to nuclear weapons and proliferation programs that the U.S. military depends on. The Biden Admin is forcing a square peg down the round hole here. These tens to hundreds of billions being wasted on propping up self-admittedly uneconomic nuclear power industry could and would have been better spent on upgrading the transmission grid, investing in energy efficiency (which takes 2-6 times as much carbon out of the atmosphere per dollar spent on nuclear, and in about 1/5 to 1/20 the time), and more renewables, which don't produce radioactive waste while also being carbon free, and can be implemented much faster than nuclear power.
    The French currently have 32 of 54 of their reactors SHUT DOWN, due to 1.) the extreme drought, and 2.) a discovery of stress cracking in 12 reactors. All when they are needed the most. They won't be operating before Dec-Jan according to Macron. Oh yeah — let's do what the French do. And they, like us STILL do not have an operational high-level radioactive waste disposal facility. It's like building Burj Khalifa without bathrooms. REAL intelligent, no? Germany's phase out has been methodical all along for the past decade, acknowledging that IN THE SHORT TERM, there would be an uptick in reliance on fossil sources. It's just that no one had planned on a war with Russia complicating things.

  7. Lockdowns that destroyed small businesses, mandated dangerous drugs with legal immunity, billions in weapons instead of allowing peace, sanctions that drive up fuel prices – if I were a conspiracy theorist I’d think our politicians were just looking for ways to enrich their buddies at our expense.

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