“Enough Is Enough!!” Protest Rights Dangerously UNDER THREAT!

New proposals to the already controversial new UK laws will make peaceful protest even more difficult. With similar moves being made in the US and Australia also, we ask, is the pandemic being used to shut down human rights across the globe?
#Protests #NewLaws #Control

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Sorry Russel mate ? Just read when buying your pub certain people who had booked to get married their no longer could …so your different from all the crap you are bringing to our attention..well you wanted me to get back to you in Gmail…so how do you find my reply …your just part of the crap going down in todays Britain…never been a sick a phant.get well soon mate.. fame and fortune will always corrupt …but not with all ..very few though ..

  2. Russel brand is a sell out, making videos that appeal to the dumb masses, making vague elisions to conspiracy theories but without making any conspiracy claims himself, he is to smart to believe in a big reset or a global alliance to murder people etc , but because conspiracy theories are so popular and make more revenue for his channel he will continue down this path , lost all respect for him

  3. when ever the government doesn't like what's going on just make more laws to give themselves the legal way to break their own rules. this is nothing new in Canada. I have watched library and conservatives party's do this over the last 40 years.

  4. It should be no mystery to anyone that the control machines have only one plan, to reduce a human being to a single cell battery. Nothing will stop them in their quest, except the atmosphere disappearing.

  5. Mr. Brand: could you, would you, should you (kindly, hopefully) do a bit of research regarding what's been afoot in Canada, since mid-August (or thereabouts)?

    It's pretty grim here, if not downright frightening, of late.

    We need someone with a platform to Tell It Like It Is.

    (No one is permitted to be truthful or visibly upset, or say certain words, or be too noisy here…)

    Thank you brave sir.

    You're appreciated.

    Am subbed.

    "Like" you.

    Regularly pay your work forward…

    Happy Hols to you and yours.

    Signed: a censored, ghosted, banned, slandered, libled, labeled, deplatformed and marginalized 2nd class "citizen".

    (That last word in between quotes? Hardly even applies any longer.)

  6. Strange they'd bring out a global pandemic, then global mandates for vaccines and total control over the people, then ban protesting , almost as if it's errr PLANNED?…. I'd say wake up but fuck it been telling everyone for a decade, you all deserve what you got.

  7. If they take away the right for normal people to be able to peacefully protest, you are taking away their voice. The irony being the only option left would be to actually commit crimes, how else can you voice your displeasure at x

  8. Why are governments all over the world acting so crazy? Are they using the cover of Covid to change policy right in front of us? Are they prepping us to be taken over by the Communists, like lambs to the slaughter? Is this the first stage of New World Order we heard about a few years back? We had better get our control back now while we still can or we will all become completely powerless to do so later. Hunger Games in the real world… Scary stuff!

  9. In Germany they name them without any hessitation "Querdenker", who themselfs describe as independent thinkers, and attribute protesters against government positions as right wing, Reichsbürger, and describe them as right scene, with the aim to topple the democratic order. It sounds more like the handling of opposition during NAZI times…

  10. You'd be better off with some very attractive girls (and a couple of young men for those powerful policeladies) put up front to convince the officers it is a "celebration" not a protest. Celebrations of freedom should be the order of the day. "We love freedom!" "Dance and be free!" "Fun is fun!" "Freedom is fantastic!"

  11. They are making the NHS mandatory to have the jab. If that happens then it will be made mandatory for everyone. Because if they can do it to the NHS then they can do it to everyone. Because we love the NHS and if we don't put a fight up about it then it will be mandatory for everyone

  12. Totally besides the point but wheeey- you’re wearing the tigger cardigan that ‘Lee from Southend’ took the piss out of at your show the other night haha 😂 … I like it!!

  13. Your analogy of the football team is very good. Newton's third law of motion is "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" and if the universe had a name a bet it would be called Ironic. Meaning the government will eventually tip it so bad the powerful becomes powerless and powerless becomes powerful, but what has got me concerned about this is that they know this. They already know they are pushing the people too far and they already know eventually they will lose control.

    So my question is why, its like they actually want the world to erupt in fire and chaos, is this their way of bringing down the world population and try and escape blame because the people throw the first punch (which I'm sorry but if you antagonized in the first place you can't blame the punch). I'm not sure, but I WARY of anything THEY WANT so EAGER and everybody else should be too (remember the bully always tries to rewrite the narrative)

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