“Enough Is Enough!!” This Is Getting SCARY Now

It’s been revealed that police in some Australian states have trialled the Facial recognition technology Clearview AI, which collects and stores photos of Australians from the internet.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. That moment when Australians realize going full beta coward and giving up their God given right to own guns to a fascist government was a really, really bad move as tyranny sets in. You lost all your freedom way back then in that exact moment and just didn’t know it and now it’s dark ramifications are rising up like the 3rd Reich once did. I’d say good luck but to be bluntly honest you’re hopelessly f*cked by your past cowardice…..

  2. Russel get a grip, its for your health, i appreciate the governments concern for my well being and the legitimacy of everything they've said and done.As is the case here In Australia we've purchased 152 million more doses for a population of 25 million which to me says im excited by prospect of six more boosters or in my case because im a selfish prick and wont take it for some reason have absolutely no problem with the threat of 99.725 chance of surviving the russian roulette of this virus. Thus cause i am so pleased in how my government cares for me im so excited in being banished from society and the ability to take a new job cause i lost the best one i ever had before…. no i have no problem with it all , im well read and know what to do this all went well in the late 30's and 40 's and im ready to play my part, can i order my gold star now or do i wait for the striped suit ????….

  3. As a pro photog, that's the number one reason I'm never on the other side of the cam. We need to start digging down. Demolition Man is on the horizon as long as the phthalates in Taco Bell do not kill us first 😉 In all seriousness though, do you really believe that everything we don't want to happen is not going to happen? It is happening and they have way too much power and control over our lives.

  4. I got a CA$100k/yr job offer back in March doing scraping for a company to collect information about potential business clients (scraping data from corps instead of individuals). It's an extremely lucrative thing to do for a senior web developer although it's quite soullness as unsatisfying. I dropped out of the interview process when it became clear that the job was misaligned with my personal values but that was a mistake and made almost everything about my year since then much harder.

  5. They are children of convicts. They are used to being soft slaves. They are used to a nanny state.
    If they were smart they'd be rolling out the guillotines infront of their parliament building and city halls. But they do not have the testicular fortitude to oppose the crown. The days of crocodile dundee are gone. Now every man if you could call them that have their hair in buns, and they excrete soy out of their breasts. There's not enough testosterone in that country to grow facial hairs in a guy.

  6. Ever since the mainstreaming of AI and surveillance cameras (to include facial reognition), the narrative has always been that this technology will be used by some kind of evil agency. Imagine a world that is COMPLETELY surveilled. I mean… cameras EVERYWHERE. There might be abuses, but then again, that kid that was nabbed yesterday at the store in Florida? We know EXACTLY who took him and EXACTLY where they went. Someone on the grassy knoll? We'd know. Imagine the benefits. Would it necessarily be ALL bad?

  7. Lol thx for posting. Clearview AI 🤣🤣🤣 It seems that we have to read /listen / view stuff from overseas to find out whats happening in our own country. Anyone questioning powers and motivation of g/ment , and questioning, lets take the current protests against the 'Pandemic bill' for example', is automatically stereotyped by other people as an 'anti vaxxer' or 'conspiracy theorist' or 'ignorant and failing to properly research' . Or you are automatically a 'neo nazi white supremacist'. The who /what /why these protestss are happening isnt all that 'crystal' . In all honesty, in different coverages of the protests I have seen all above elements stamp their 'thing' at these protests. But in these strange times, we have to walk alongside people who ' s values and philosophical/political beliefs are totally opposed to ours. Common ground being none of us trust the gov's , they are slaves to corporations, and theyre not going to do whats right by the people. Obviously. Are we going to change the system or kick out these clowns in power and replace them with much the same? Slim pickings.

  8. Convenient how it's illegal to cover your face in the uk, but a outbreak of a illusory contagion changes regulation for mass hysteria, and mass face covering, then there are company capturing our face and identity, so all of us who refused to wear masks have now had our images taken. We are going to complete ww3 and fema camps scenario. This is getting weird people. We are being documented and stamped/chipped like cattle in a cattle market. Wake up. Where or who is selling us off and how much and for what purpose, where do we go after. We are becoming there sheep . Somethings going down. We need revolution.

  9. Australia has been a Nanny State for a very long time…. We have now been completely taken over by the Globalist Fascists. We have no Bill of Rights in Australia. The Australian Constitution is an Act of British Parliament that few have ever read, less understood and anyone that truly understands it recognise that everything in Australia including the people belong to the "Crown". That's right we are all legally slaves and most Australians, unfortunately, seem to like it. The government barely even tries to hide it anymore. Basically everyone in Australia, except those with obscene wealth, is being right Royally Forked.

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