Enova Energy Enters Administration #energycrisis

#recession #economy #heisesays
Will we learn the lessons that we need to learn?


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  1. ..We have a national grid.
    ..Privatised power production
    .. state run networks.

    The grid will fail for one reason it is not full integrated and run buy one entity.

    Go off grid while you can… buy what you need before you cannot

  2. Australia is going backwards. Our fuel and electricity used to be cheap. We manufactured everything from toasters to cars, a family could live on one full time income. We now have very high energy prices and we're the only developed country in the world that doesn't manufacture cars. The hardest thing to swallow is that it's not an accident.

  3. I could have told you this would happen when Rudd made all subsequent govts reliant on what can only be described as an ponzi scheme for energy. Qld will fall the same way as Vic in coming months. My family and I are energy independent with a variety of sources.

  4. From retail to construction to energy to mining, etc etc .

    Plenty more will be going broke.

    Sad but this is the TRUTH.

    Hope so people,, leaders , etc start atleast some manufacturing in country. Start investing in other industries not just HOUSING, HOUSING, HOUSING

    Otherwise wait for disaster to happen

  5. I like renewable energy that must be battery off-grid standalone system, once grid is involved you open a pandroa's box,because there is too much maintenance, such as transmission, poles and wires, operation cost, regulation and power loss !

  6. Haha germany and EU were trying to lecture others on clean energy, now, they are burning coal to support their energy needs lol Biggest load of bs climate carbon baloney. Thanks Russia 🇷🇺😀👍

  7. Hydrocarbons are what made man what he is. Now this green crap is turning him back to the past. The only way man can continue to maintain a decent standard of living, is to burn more hydrocarbons. Man can't get enough!

    There is no substitute!

    They power our cars, power the trucks that bring your food to the supermarket, hospitals, everything. And keep us fed by powering the machines that help us grow our food. Oil is why we have food! I.e. the crops to harvest, the livestock to process, and therefore keep us alive. Hydrocarbons power our lives, it's why your lights turn on, your heater heats, and your air conditioner cools you. Hydrocarbons are the reason we ARE alive.

    The utopian image of green renewable energy replacing hydrocarbons, and everyone living on renewable 'green' energy is nothing more than a poppycock pipedream theory nothing more nothing less.

    It's just that. Theory.

  8. Where is Australia's permanent spent fuel storage facility? All of the old nuke plants (in the world) need to go; there is no need to create deadly eternal waste. Reactors can be built that use all (or nearly all) the energy in the metal but as usual weapons ahead of tech….

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