Enron – The Biggest Fraud in History

In this video we take a look at the Enron story. At over $60 billion being scammed away from the public, they were the biggest fraud in history. Yes, even bigger than Theranos.
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Script by Fil Zivko


Enron the smartest guys in the room (2005)


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Written by ColdFusion

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  1. So the people responsible became good friends George W. Bush and he allowed them to get away with what they did back than? Figures, you're friends with a powerful world leader and you get away with everything. So Kenneth Lay wanted to escape his poor income to get rich and live a better life by resorting to crime? Greedy asshole. And doing favors for Bush's parents got him what he wanted, that's beyond pure evil. Sending a letter to tell someone to keep making them money is a huge red flag that everyone was too dumb to figure out. Lay acting shocked about something that happened when he encouraged the two in doing what they did, he got them both arrested for it, he's the devil. Also, when two people were arrested at that company and one acts like he had no idea but he encouraged it, is the law really this stupid? Skilling perverted the philosophy he used, greed and money doesn't motivate people, hard work and honesty does. And he fired people who failed a stupid test just so he can have top notch people to make them more money, that's a death warrant. Wanting people with a bit of edge is just another way of saying they want people to die for someone else's sins, evil. So Lou Pai was motivated by greed and lust, kill him. Criminals who want to change the world is a suicide mission in money. Expanding their scam to other countries, that's life in prison. And those trying to stop them gave into greed because of a bribe, selling their souls. And those who still tried to stop them got fired? How low can they be. Can't answer questions because they don't want to get into trouble, so they send someone else to do that for them. Scumbag. Andy Fastow might as well be a sociopath and a greed monster. Firing people for having involvement when they probably had no idea they were being set up or that they'd be betrayed, that's another death warrant. Making money off a power outage and made people lie about it, devil makers. Aren't these greedy assholes rich enough? They could have all the money in the world and it still wouldn't be enough. And not stopping them just because the president was their friend and he allowed it to happen, because they were friends, bastards. Being forced to step in to help a problem is also a sign that someone doesn't give a shit but was forced to get people off their back. Turning on your own governor is also a big red flag and we had The Terminator, I didn't know how how good of a governor he was but I didn't pay too much attention. Skilling leaving before the company fell and he comes up with a lie that is bullshit. Reassuring your workers while someone is shredding paper elsewhere. Someone deserves to be fired and shot. Skilling lied his ass off and if he could go back in time, he'd probably do it again. He claims he did nothing wrong but he did. Liar. Making people buy more stock when you sell your own? Are people blind? So there was a body as a result to this. Cliff Baxter killing himself just because he didn't want to testify? Greed is the devil. Ratting out others to cut a deal for a reduced sentence is wrong. We don't make deals with criminals, we get them to tell us everything, lock them up and leave them in their for life. Andy should die for what he did. Employees getting a tiny pay out while the big wigs got most of the money. Aren't they rich enough already, damn! Skilling making a comeback? He deserves no second chance. Everyone knows what he did, he should've been given life and die. Even Lou Pai helping him? It's the devil in the making. Even death wouldn't stop these monsters.

  2. What no one talks about….any Accountant that worked at Anderson (thousands)…can't get anywhere. Im an Accountant….on employment questionnaires they actually ask if you've ever worked at Anderson (I never did). So the poor Accountant…bottom of the food chain…that gets coffee…no one wants them…

  3. All these people made a deal with a devil. Why else was there so much death in the end. The man went to prison and his wife and children died. Why? He wired them the money and the devil collected.

  4. I went to the UMN and my corporate ethics professor gave Andy Fastnow, CFO of Enron, a ride from the airport to campus to give a speech on the Enron scandal. He said Fastnow was a brilliant guy who really seemed to have turned his life around after being sentenced to prison time. Recently he has been giving speeches on the importance of ethical business and financials.

  5. I honestly don't believe Kenneth Lay died of a heart attack while on vacation. It's also amazing how Skilling only served as much time as somebody that sells drugs.