Enter Poverty to ‘Support Ukraine’

People can no longer afford to support their own families.

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  1. Ok, you should check what's going on in Poland.
    Whole country with Ukrainian flags instead of Polish ones (on official buildings).

    Ukrainians got Polish ID number (PESEL) and are able to go to any doctor in the country with priority, while Poles are waiting 2-3 years to get a visit with a specialist (neurologist, oncologist, ophthalmologist, etc) – now gonna wait year longer.
    Polish govt just got new law, that exempts Ukrainians from income tax in Poland.
    Polish kids are forced to learn Ukrainian at school, cause Ukrainian kids are joining their classrooms not knowing a world in Polish.
    Ukrainians can register for social program designed for Poles to support family growth (called 500+ – you get 100 quids per kid a month).
    Polish govt sponsors them flats (~300EUR/month).
    And it's all from taxpayer money, while EU is blocking EU funds for Poland …

    And the price of the fuel does not have anything to do with russian oil sanctions. Cause biggest Polish oil rafinery is still buying oil from Russia for the same price as before, but they raised their margin by 400% in March … and oil price here is 1.55EUR per liter, and before it has been aroun 1EUR/liter (so 55% raise in a week).

    It's all fucking propaganda … cause tens of thousands of Ukrainians just went back to Ukraine to celebrate their Easter (they are ortodox catolics so got their Easter 2 weeks later). What war is it, that you can go and have Easter? They will comeback for sure, cause no income tax, free flats, free money, free doctors etc ….

    And the cherry on top is that Polish govt officials are recorded on video in brothel run by Ukrainian mafia … someone testified under the oath that this videos are kept in Ukraine and used to blackmail them … (the gossip is it was sex with minors) ….

  2. San Francisco Bay area…blue and yellow bumper stickers and flags everywhere.
    No clue of Ukraine 's history. No clue of history in general.
    It's the ' latest thing '. Mindless twats.

  3. This is when THE MAN starts to switch off the solenoid, remotely, in all those SMART meters accepted by DUMB people, who did not keep up with their electric bills.

  4. Me and my fiance both work. Our energy bills have tripled in the last 2 years.

    It's absolutely ridiculous – why are we sending vast amounts of money abroad when we should be subsidising energy and fuel prices at home.

    This is our money – I think the vast majority of people given the choice between capped energy costs and supporting another foreign war – would choose the former.

    Only the comfortable middle class can afford this.

  5. Can anyone from East Germany confirm you got shortage of food products (like vegetable oil, groats, rice, etc) in the shops?
    There is gossip that Easter Germans are buying out this stuff from Polish shops located close to border …

  6. Bravo.
    100% bang on mate.
    Can just about keep the lights on, and pay council tax, but paying my water rates went by the wayside long, long ago. I walk and cycle everywhere.

  7. Support ukraine???
    Seriously? You do know the azov militia controls most of the ukraines military.. I support neither russian communists in the kremlin or the neo nazi azov in the ukraine… Let them destroy each other

  8. The China Biden administration, the Deep state, the Obamas and the Clintons need their mouthpiece the (MSM) to say or do anything to keep the American people believing this is all about a Russian invasion and nothing to do with their corrupt, illicit money laundering operations in Ukraine. Treason!! Prison now.

  9. How smart. They urged Ukranians to flee to all corners of Europe until Ukraine was emptiet of its population just to drive it home to Putin. Will it work? What do you think……

  10. It's all planned, it's food next. Do some research, in the states 22 food processing plants have had major fires and industrial incidents that have shut them down all within 18 months, yes 22 coincidences. Meanwhile bill gates is buying copious amounts of farmland across the Midwest and growing zero nothing not a thing no grazing animals no crops bugger all. Get ready to eat bugs.

  11. I live in an inner city full of these "refugees" from all countries of the world and noobe hives a hoot about it. Not seen one flag or sign. Cos they all know its fake, even if they're real refugees, they're in comparative heaven now so nobody cares

  12. This literally just happened to me, i went driving through a million dollar home neighborhood and about half were covered in ukraine flags, just pathetic.

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