Enter SOLOMON KANE – Razör vs. Comics

Before Robert E. Howard crafted CONAN, he first struck it big with the puritan witchslayer SOLOMON KANE. So let me introduce you to one of Robert E. Howard’s most magnetic and enduring creations, on the year that will mark the character’s 90th birthday.

Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. When I moved to Louisiana (Lafayette) back in 2001, I worked for a plumber named Marvin Ellis. My first day on the job, Marvin asked me if I'd ever heard of Robert E. Howard. 'You know, the guy who wrote Conan?' he asked. I told him that I had. Marvin told me his mother had dated Robert Howard when she was young. Apparently they were quite serious. Marvin's mother was Novalyne Price, later Novalyne Price Ellis.

    I've got the complete Conan stories by Howard (a thick book that looks like a Bible), but my favorite character he created is definitely Solomon Kane. A gaunt man dressed in a tattered long-coat and capotain hat, roaming the land and fighting monsters, zombies, and vampires with flintlock pistols and a sword? This is the Bloodborne beta, folks. What's not to love?

  2. after an origin story movie, where are you supposed to take this character in a sequel? we know how bad relentless killing machines without a real purpose or character growth are as movies.

  3. I've come back to watch this a few times, just to hear the tale of Solomon again. Gets better every time i listen to it. Would be nice to have something come of the property, such as a new game or tv series (in the same vein as the Witcher on Netflix) and have it done right. Fingers crossed, i guess.

  4. But I didn’t even know there was a film. I’m here because of the pulps. Howard was an amazing writer, the best pulp writer of his generation fight me if you dare!

  5. God damn is Solomon Kane rad. He might not have as high as a bench press as Conan or Kull but he will still push your shit in and convince you he was right to do so at the drop of his slouch hat.