Entitlement is a Left Wing Virtue

Friedrich Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morals

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  1. Abolish student debt and bankrupt the rip off merchants that are the universities. Kids get pushed into doing ballshit degrees all through education. They know it won't do the kids any good, and the kids just do what they are told. Just like the bankers, they are the ones who should be punished.

  2. Guy forgets to fly plane, plane crashes, dead people. Idiot on radio forgets how to speak, dead air. Yeah, they are the same in difficulty, responsibility and outcome. For 16 years I spoke for over 8 hours a day. Some days 10. So, yeah, it can be done.

  3. The guys are applying and loosening ring tongs on the pipe for the oil rig.
    It is tightening the lengths of pipe as they are attached.
    You get mud, water, sea water, rocks, oil, condensate, molluscs, you name it, get released and is sprayed over the riggers.
    Once they get going they can push an enormous number of meters of pipe into the hole.

  4. If that comic at 9:34 was real life, I think it would lead to the overall happiness on the planet drastically increasing. My ego would probably be inflated and I'd end up blushing quite a bit at work. But instead we have silent awkward looks and people wanting to stare down at their phone more than anything

  5. I've worked in manual labour jobs with his type before, just finished uni, decide they need to get a job so take a grafting job through family. Start work and put in as little effort in as possible, because they don't need it as they're "going/been to uni, don't ya know"

  6. The tictok video is men doing the job of "roughnecks", a very tough and dangerous job.
    I'm a general contractor, I'm nearing 60 years old and I've worked with the "Muscular Class" as VDH would say my whole life, and my body shows it.
    Sitting on my ass in front of a computer is something I hope I can transition to for the next 20 years of my life, as it will be much easier on my body.
    Keep up the good work boys!
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  7. ive gotten pulled up on by 2 girls driving and the passenger asked for my number. I didn't give it to her, but man did I feel great for the rest of the week. Someone really thought I was attractive enough to confidently approach? That's a huge morale boost in my book.

  8. Having done both manual work ie warehouse pick pack, unloading containers for years and office work for 14 years Both are hard. Your body only lasts so long, your mind can recover over the weekend but your body takes a toll over a long period of time. Manual labour is ok for when you are young but it's generally low pay if it's unskilled work but office work can be stressful.

  9. The Universiy debt thing is a simple fix for anyone with the political will, end fedaral student loans, make the Universities responible for loans on the couses they provide. I doubt they'll be pushing useless Degrees with little chance of employment if they want their money back.

  10. I have worked in a professional office-based role for a local authority. Every day I felt miserable and spent most days thinking there had to be more to life than sitting behind a desk staring at a computer screen. My misery was exacerbated by the sector magazine we had to read which dedicated a high proportion of its column inches to bashing white men.

    I now do a manual labour job, one which didn’t require a university degree to start and I have earned more money than I ever would by staying put. My job is now harder physically but I actually feel as though I am contributing to society and doing something worthwhile.

  11. His name is O'Brien, he has hands and arms and legs and feet, 🎵But his job is harder than manual labour, or flying a plane, or ATC or a hundred other jobs he has never done. He is the Messiah

  12. Those men deserve medals for the sort of hard physical work they do, most women could not and would not do this. In my younger days I enjoyed work that was more physical than most people would do , let alone women, but there is a payment for this sort of work. Your joints wear out quicker, hands become damaged, shoulder and elbow joints, knees and hip joints all suffer, this is why men doing this sort of job end up with such problems far younger than would be the norm.

  13. As an IT technician I can confirm that more people (with minimal training) can do my job, than hard manual labour. Myself included. A former colleague of mine switched profession and became an IT guy because of backproblems making it hard to do his former construction job. A friend of mine is an educated car mechanic and works with engines. He is as proficient with computers and tech as I am if not even more. I often have to ask him about various network related concepts and issues I deal with on my free time because he has a deeper understanding than I have. He could slide straigt into any IT department at normal office work places and be as good and proficcient at the job as any emplyee with experience or higher education. I on the other hand can barely use a screwdriver and my back hurts from waking up in the morning.
    When shit really hits the fan we are all useless and men, and the very few women who do work like this are the ones keeping it all toghether.

  14. I've done both, physical and mental labour until exhausted. I worked as a labourer on a building site for a year when I was 17. I also did 3 weeks sustained, on-site, live in a hotel, labouring installing a kids playground. I've sunk 5 fence posts in a day (with help) with a breaker bar and a spade. I've cycled 130 miles in a day to the point I face planted into the stairs as my legs said "Nope". I couldn't sit up in bed for a week I had torn so many 6-pack muscles. My day job however is a computer programmer. When you get a solid runway of work you can disappear into the zone for a dozen hours at a time to the point you forget to eat and drink and end up with "seat sores". At the end of a few days of that you brain just starts saying, "No." to requests to process anything. More and more simple mental tasks take longer and longer to motivate and then actually process. You become a dead head until you sleep. Recently I went into the zone writing code so deeply and for so long, without any physical exercise I felt like I'd worked out, due to all the calories the brain is burning through.
    They exhaust in different ways. Both exist. I'm not sure, but if you had an exhausting "mental effort" day, would you then be able to go and do some physical labour afterward. I doubt it. Your brain will lack the motivation, all it will want to do is sleep. Besides your far, far more likely to get micro-sleeps and cause yourself injury.

  15. That comic was unironically so friggin hilarious. You can tell it was obviously made by a woman because it completely disregards the fact that men are actually treated like crap on a normal basis and are starved for any sort of positive attention.

  16. 12:00 It the same in the UK. Student loans are firstly only repayable when you earn over the average wage (around 35k or something) and then at a percentage of what you earn over that. If you do not earn over that within, I think it's 10 or 15 years, the debt is "written off". The idea is.. if you invest that amount of money and it doesn't net you a return in a professional job, then the system failed you and you can't be expected to pay for the investment when the outcome failed.
    However, the other reasons you didn't get a salary may be because you took a degree in a miccy-mouse topic that nobody has jobs for, or you got a really bad grade in your first year, but carried on stacking up failed years and the cost for them when you might have been better quitting, getting a job and saving yourself the debt.
    I did my degree with the Open University, which meant I could still claim some student benefits and loans, but my fees were paid for due to my financial circumstances. I only had to repay the support loans of £3k. I had that paid in the first 3 years of my career.
    It's different today, whlie there is still some support available for really poor people, most people are just given loans for the £9k a year fees. Students are only starting their careers with a mortgage sized debt in the order of £50-70k. They will be a while paying that off and I don't see them getting a mortgage or a house until they do.

  17. I've been a welder for 28 yrs in the oil & gas industry and those guys are called roughnecks for a reason. In all those years I've come across exactly two females. One set her hair on fire and was never seen again. The other was more intrested in her social media persona and was really good in getting others to do her work for her. She was fired after 3 months.

  18. Don't know if theyre still on here but there used to be quite a few videos on youtube of oil-rig workers being killed on the job. That job is extremely dangerous and real hard graft. I would love to see James out tarmacing driveways for a week. He wouldnt last a day. His girly little middle-class arms wouldn't have the strength to lift a pint of lager off a pub table after a day of shovelling tarmac.

  19. My full respect goes out to these honest hard working men doing such dangerous work that make modern civilization possible . Remember these blue collar men it's because of them you have electricity, to keep your home warm when it's -30c or need fresh clean drinking water

  20. This Dude has never heard of a teacher who lectures 10 hours a day, I was one, but I also worked 26 hours a day and rested 10 hours repeat 4 days poured concrete, and I can say that I am happy to switch from pouring concrete to teaching;)

  21. I'm a programmer. I've always been a programmer. I used to think programming is harder than manual labor.
    Then I started doing some manual labor too, and I realized neither is harder. Both are about equally hard in different ways. A day of manual labor makes me physically exhausted or even unable to move at the end of the day, but mentally relaxed. A day of programming makes me mentally exhausted and unable to think at the end of the day, but the body is fine, I can do a vigorous excersise.

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