Ep. 140 FULL STREAM – Kanye West, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Freedom of Speech & MORE! Viva Frei Live

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Written by Viva Frei


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  1. Why are the Colorado baker/web designer cases not examples of slavery? I was under the impression that the 13th amendment prevents people from being compelled to work against their will.

  2. Barnies: can you write a speech for Trump to pardon oath keepers? Use what you just said about seditious conspiracy being removed from the books.

    Look at uk when Boris suspended parliament, some PM’s tried to set up a parallel parliament, the church house declaration! This was a seditious conspiracy!?!?

  3. The United States government gets more and more corrupt as the years pass. I believe this will lead to our weakening and eventual fall. The American unipolar world is ending soon. Xi Xingping going to Saudi Arabia is the beginning of it.

  4. the look of pure disgust, when Sargon told you how promiscuous the kids are being, was PRICELESS……… is pretty disturbing how perverse our society has become eh?……..keep your kids OFF of social media.

  5. Kanye also was dropped by some contracts he wanted out of, because of his fake crazy behavior and what he tweets. He is playing his enemies like fools to get out of what ever. Soon we will find out what he was really up to when he announces his new adventure.

  6. Would sedition conspiracy apply to the dems think tank that did a what if trump won before the election where they had states like California breaking from the union?

  7. "Good Faith" is the only defense the courts will allow. A defense attorney is not allowed to show that there is no law that requires an individual to pay a tax on income that is not derived from the sources and activities specifically stated in 26 U.S.C.. Those sources and activities are a direct reflection of why the 16th amendment was created. The S.Ct. ruled in 2 cases that the purpose of the amendment was to prevent a direct tax on income that cannot be placed in the category of an excise. An attorney risks being disbarred if he broaches the actual liabilities in the Code, and the fact that the IRS can't, or won't explain some of the sections that clearly prevent a direct tax on a persons earnings.

  8. So funny that you brought up Raëlism… I got a pamphlet of theirs from being approached a few years ago. It's part of a collection, apparently I am a 'cult magnet'. It's led to the family motto being "OMG, I can't leave you alone for a minute!"

  9. The really worrisome part of the whole Twitter thing is that we all know nothing will come of it. Call it being black-pilled, but let's be honest about it. At worst, someone like Vajaja will be scapegoated. She'll be tried very quickly, put in a nice little Club Fed for a couple months, and the whole time know she's getting paid a huge sum to take the hit. That's it, though. Everyone knows that's the very best case scenario to come out of this #TwitterFiles stuff. We al know that far too many very high-level players are involved and they aren't going to do anything that might compromise them. The Indians who were at the top… will all go back to India where they have some cover. Someone like Dorsey will likely be protected since Elon has already stated that a lot was "hidden" from him. Nobody's going to prison for decades, and 99% of those involved will skate.

  10. Trump is cooked dummies. Still waiting for the metadata on so called corruption on Hunter laptop emails??? We have not seen it cause it is a copied thumb drive Rudy Rework. Where is the Trump Twitter files??????

  11. I already believe we are in communism. The doj is going after only one political group. The msm is the propaganda of one political branch. True communism begins when your neighbor and family will report you to the authorities, and this is happening more and more.

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