Ep. 141 The Ultimate PPE Expert with Incredible Insights into Mask Science!

Blown away the other day when I came across Stephen Petty (B.S.Ch.E. M.S.Ch.E. M.B.A.) and his evidence deposition at a USA public hearing – I took an excerpt, fixed up the audio levels and just had to release it as a podcast! But don’t worry – I’ll be getting him on to the podcast as soon as I can, for a full discussion. Here is a document with references which he and a team submitted to NIH and CDC:
The original video is here:
Also please do follow his podcast and other materials here – he’s a gem of a genuine expert!

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Written by Ivor Cummins


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  1. Regarding space between mask and face below eyes: "it's a super-freeway for the virus to come and go." It's astonishing to hear this actually being said publicly. The three wise monkeys spring to mind…

  2. I thought the face panties did; and continue to do, a really robust role of indicating and labelling submissive idiocy and identifying the readily manipulated and maybe imbuing false confidence; a great tool in the arsenal of Virtue Signallers (giving some an authority never before enjoyed and only relinquished with great reluctance) and not least in the robust support for the propaganda spewing through Tell Lie Vision.

  3. Don't need an expert in masks to know all that……..Every builder in the country knows those paper masks don't even work for dust. Only the rubber ones with cassette filters come close to keeping huge dust particles out. Odd how the big brains from Oxbridge didn't know that !!

  4. It was in early December, 2019, that I learned from Chinese doctors communicating on YouTube that the evil in this virus was that it was less than .3 microns, and therefore could flit about in the air for weeks. If not months. It's only Achilles heal is that it will dry out in heat, so people in Florida can get away with things that people in New York cannot. The main utility of the masks is that we don't inject ourselves with covid by touching our nose and eyes with contaminated hands. Just watch the audience – some touch their face repeatedly. The masks are useful against droplets – it is amazing to see how far one sprays while talking, singing or the worst, sneezing. This fellow's argument has merit, but is one dimensional.

  5. I said this all along and have never wore a mask during this so called pandemic and haven't had a untested so called vaccine. Quit my job in the hospital.

  6. Forgive my ignorance, but why would we want to prevent exposure even if it were possible? Is that not how we boost our immune system? Just like antibiotics and hand sanitizers, doesn't too much protection make us weaker? Don't kids in homes with pets have fewer allergies?
    I don't even bathe every day, as I'm disinclined to remove good bacteria on my skin. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. Masks along with daily death counts etc were all a part of the propaganda to install fear in the world. The fear required to allow them to bring the their NWO. The world is being played and its sad and scary that 90%+ of us believe the lies

  8. A sealed mask is called a respirator. Exactly. On a personal note, why do I need to do something that makes me uncomfortable so someone else is comfortable with a false sense of security? Answer: I don’t

  9. we all need to put the NHS on notice that is they continue to harass and bully patients into wearing a mask to stop covid spread, they will all be personally prosecuted !
    I was in hospital last week, I am exempt, the nurse would not accept it and tried to bully me into wearing a mask for her protection !! I was there for a heart test .. I stood my ground and did not put on a mask, she started the test and said your heart is really fast ! is this normal ? of cousrse fucking not !!! imagine I had a heart complaint and was put through this bullying and had a heart attack !! we need to stop the NHS . policy is not law ! please all of you , email the NHS bosses and send them this video , and warn them they are heading for mass prosecutions !

  10. I've been waiting for this information to come out since March 2020!!!
    Ask anyone who works in manufacturing in the US. Pre-pandemic, employees were required by OSHA to sign a waiver stating their acknowledgement that an N95 mask will not protect them from bacteria and viruses. This is not new information. This is old and ignored/censored information.

  11. Of course there are different opinions and plenty of evidence that masks make a difference, although perhaps less for Omicron. Just picking the experts you like is biased and misleads your followers, who it seems have already got their blinkers on.

  12. I work in Health & Safety. How frustrated and angry I have been crying from the rooftops that masking the population is senseless and harmful. I want those responsible exposed in court. Thank you for sharing.

  13. If the corrupt politicians would listen to experts we would not have been censored and treated like criminals. The draconian measures are not necessary for a virus that has 99.8% recovery rate. This tyranny is not about health is about money and control 👺😱👺Shame to Trudeau's government treating Canadians like criminals because we refuse to inject a poison into our healthy bodies! Stop the Emergency orders that did not work and brought more harm to all of us! Stop the BS!

  14. He's an engineer…so not worth listening to. Can't have people who know what they're talking about. I'm not an expert like this guy, but I did do filtration physics in my PhD for diesel particulate filters. The mechanics are much the same. This stuff was patently obvious from very early on. It was clear that the problem wasn't droplets, it was aerosols. And if its aerosols and you're trapped in a room with someone, then mask or not, those particles are making it round the room. Even just by diffusion/brownian motion. The best way is ventilation. No one did that. It was masks and stupid plastic barriers.

    And he's right about the other things. They just said to people, wear a mask. Or worse, make a mask out of an old T-shirt or scarf. Absolutely no comments on how to use them properly, when to change them out. The official line is put it on, don't touch it until you intend to take it off and replace at 4-6 hours (when it is holding too much moisture). No, we had people yo-yo'ing masks up and down their faces all day and keeping the same grotty mask in their pockets for weeks on end. Stupid.

  15. HEY YOUTUBE: Here's something else you CENSORED and ruined many YT-channels and Content Creator lives over!
    This is why you need to be REGULATED, and why smart people like Elon Musk call you out and have a valid point!
    YouTube, this is why you don't get in bed with the government and become just another one of their USEFUL IDIOTS !!!

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