Ep150 Stunning: My Most Important Interview Yet – HOW Covid Happened

Title Says it all – HOW the world fell into Mass Formation. This finally closes any question left remaining. For all the people who wonder: “but HOW did we over-react so much – HOW did all the experts go so crazy?” – well here is the full explanation, with incredibly expert Professor of Psychology Mattias Desmet. Also included is the SOLUTION to this awful situation – and you are part of it! Stay strong and always speak the truth of any situation, and you can help save the future for all our children.
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Written by Ivor Cummins


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  1. The herd mentality is alive and strong, you must always stop and assess constantly even if that means you are separated from the herd, otherwise you may just end up going over a cliff with the herd.

  2. “Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how'.” Viktor E. Frankl
    Our children, grandchildren and those children yet to be born are the 'why', as any parent will know.
    So, we have to bear the 'how' for their sake and do what we can, even if it is small, individual resistance.

  3. Massive deception. This world is being brainwashed. People hate the truth and knowing the truth is the only thing that sets people free. It’s time to turn to God and seek his help guidance and truth before this world goes down the toilet completely . God help us all.

  4. Yes, there is more beyond rationality. The theologians are way ahead of this guy. 😊

    I’ve heard it once said that the scientists are climbing the mountain of knowledge, only to get to the top and find the theologians are already there.

  5. The whole notion of "Mass Formation" is the continuation of the issue Mattias brings up at the beginning where he states Psychology has poor measuring tools and the basis to back up claims of psychological theories e.g. the link between depression and character traits. He (and Ivor) then proceed to support another psychological theory with poor scientific evidence of "Mass Formation"

    The properganda is everywhere and very deep.

  6. English with an Irish accent and English with a Flemish accent.
    As a Fleming (Belgian) I love it.
    Ivor and Mattias, I'm a fan of both.

  7. The most disgusting part of this for me was the way so many people grabbed ahold of their role in this like soldiers that had no purpose and direction to their lives and now where handed a purpose as the new police of society to see to the compliance of all mandates. They were spoon fed "science" and put on a pedestal as superior citizens.

    The absurdity of everything is important because they don't want you to think towards their way. They want to train you to discard thought and train automatic compliance. You will be rewarded with a place in society that you have never had and reassurance that you are a superior citizen.

  8. The dying Anglo-American Empire demanded a pandemic because mutually assured destruction makes conventional warfare too dangerous. The Empire launched a conventional war by proxy using Ukrainians as cannon fodder against Russia which is a peer nuclear power!

    Much of the West can fall prey to mass psychosis formation because the Empire of Lies have conditioned them to receive the lies. The Collective West already accept mass murder of the people in the Global South and that the continuous mass murders can be ignored because freedom bombs and the “collateral damage” are “worth it”.

  9. I've been pretty much the only voice amongst my friends and family speaking out against this insanity. It has been tricky, but I know it is necessary to not remain silent. Ivor, you have been amazing throughout this bullshit, thank you. Mattias is incredible too, I just bought his book.

  10. What is disturbing is learning so much that you feel that everything you learned in the past was a barrage of ridiculous lies, the past two years has caused me to explore so much information

  11. Survivor of holocaust Edith Edger has a excellent book explaining the Nazi mass formation in the late 30’s before and during WW2 where they told German citizens that jews were diseased and contagious and used a trigger ( the star they were forced to wear in public) to strike fear into Germans so by the time they came to imprison the jews there was not much push back. Oddly the scientists of Nazi party told the German people that they were making vaccines to cure the jews in the camps and many believed them. Mass eugenics experiments and those scientists were sought after for DOD in Allied countries. They were secretly brought in to government NIH and DOD under Operation Paperclip to make rockets and work in space program and to make bioweapons. They trained others. They may have retired to Big Pharmaceutical Companies or into world government.
    Mass anxiety occurred with the fake Russia /Trump collusion story. The mainstream media participated and so did the politicians and deep state operators who drove the hysteria and divided the country. They continue with racial divide pushed by mainstream media.
    Social media created anxiety as well with video games and dividing the people with Twitter etc. Technology has been used to create much of the chaos we are seeing and the separation people feel from lack of person to person interaction.

  12. As Ivor describes the void of a “God shaped hole” at 28:34 I reflected on so many who have lost touch with their higher connection to morality and treating others among us with the love of Christ.

  13. It is worth serious consideration that Covid-19 virus is a fallacy. One completely contrived for the sake of vaccine, Central Bank profit, reduced population, digital control. The empirical evidence of virus existence is very lacking.

  14. Covid was brought in only after decades of climate fear propaganda failed. The earth just refused to cooperate with the decades of ridiculous climate models, so many people were not complying. In my opinion, climate extremism was the first engineered mass psychosis.

  15. Loneliness is not just about being alone. Its also about not knowing oneself. Not understanding the principles of natures order or living natures order. When your thought's dont seem yours because you are ao heavily indoctrinated into social engineered etiquitte norms and propoghanda, but feel deep down something is wrong and unbalanced. That could be when the anxiety sets in. So many people are just simply lost and dont have the courage to do the fundamental work on themselves to seek beyond materialism. As said here…they than latch on to something the feel will satisfy that void in their lives. Fascinating, thought provoking interview.

  16. Life is an irrational miracle: therefore Yah exists.
    Your brain is a quantum coputer that transcends this created miracle and can be enspired by Yah and has in itself that spark from your creator.

  17. I’m a nurse working in CVICU and ICU. From the very beginning I knew something was up and had done some research on Bill Gates and Fauci. When it came time for the vaccine I would ask the Doctors Why would you take a vaccine from a person who made the virus? They would just look at me like I was crazy and tell me that the MSM was the truth and to follow along. I quit and became a traveler but would warn all my patients not to take the vaccine or Remdezivir. These ICU doctors are supposed to be critical thinkers but they are not!

  18. Ivor’s expertise in dealing with people come through in his repeated deserved praise for the book.

    While I’m not exactly sure why, I was disappointed to hear the guest downplay the role of the elites.

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