Ep159 Dr. Aseem Malhotra: Short Sharp Chat on his Vaccine Cost Benefit Paper!

Just back from London where I attended Dr. Malhotra’s press conference, covered by GB News etc.
– he has a new peer-reviewed published paper out, and it’s a super resource to read and share – link here, free to download:
(part 2 here:

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Written by Ivor Cummins


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  1. Why did this seemingly intelligent Dr have 2 jabs without , i am guessing , doing the research he has just done on reasons to NOT have any 🤷🏽‍♀️🤔
    Most of us didn’t have this thing because of lack of testing and the quickness they came about, plus the old fashioned ‘gut feeling’ something was very wrong !!!!!

  2. What a pity this information will never reach the ears of tens of millions of people, allowing them to make an informed choice whether or not to take the trial medical procedure. Governments and media will make sure this goes no further. For them, the issue is closed. There are far too many egos and careers at stake to allow the public to question their actions. We know the truth but it will go no further. Try explaining to a mask and jab disciple and it will fall on deaf ears.

  3. At last some light at the end of the tunnel – We need more to follow prepared to put up in the face of retaliation .
    It is equally satisfying to see Russians crossing the border into Georgia to evade a not dissimilar tyranny.

  4. Interview intéressante. Toute vaccination dangereuse, immorale doit être stoppée. La vérité et la justice doivent triompher concernant les crimes commis par bigpharma, bigtech, les médias et par de multiples gouvernements au travers de cette vaccination dangereuse criminelle inadmissible.

  5. Great Kudos to a Man who can stand up and say…l was wrong.
    All us 'anti vaxxers' were PRO FULL INFORMED CONSENT…we shoutedand protested because we CARED for our neighbours friends and fellow citizens….we still do and we are here for you all.

    Im very sorry for your loss, Doctor
    May your Father Rest in Peace.

  6. Why is it that so called "scientists" require anecdotal evidence before they begin to objectively analyze the data? It was obvious back in March 2020 that this virus disproportionately effected the elderly and it was obvious back in June 2021 that the vaccines were causing harm. Good on him for admitting he was wrong, however much harm was done while his head was in the sand advocating for this poison to be injected into people. As a society we cannot afford for people of his stature to be ignorant even for a short period of time.

  7. It's all very well but what kind of a doctor can he be for encouraging people to inject an untested liquid into themselves? A poor one I'd say. Better late than never though.

  8. Only one response I could think of …. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk!!!!!!!!
    The people responsible should be charged with murder (for those who knew) or manslaughter (for those who did not know but followed the 'party' line)

  9. …… also doctors to have no association with drug companies or any entity associated in any way with drug companies.
    As you well know, doctors are regularly wined, dined and give massive amounts of goodies by drug companies.
    The association between gifts and the strong psychological need to reciprocate is well established.

  10. Didn't this guy sell the vaccine to begin with, and now what? Bit late after all the people he has helped potentially kill.
    Like it's the first time people have ever been injured by vaccines and pharmaceutical companies.
    Yeah it's all the big companies and not at all the drug dealing doctors who upon whose shoulders the whole beast stands

  11. Amazing YouTube allowing this video.
    Meanwhile Australian authorities are still pushing “safe and effective” and “vaks your kids to keep them safe”

  12. THANKS IVOR! I've shared this and the privious video with friends in Media and medicine, as well as political leaders, and I implore others to do the same, It only take a few mins to do the same.

  13. You see the thing is:
    "Normalcy only returns when we've largely vaccinated the entire global population."
    Mr. Bill Gates said that… To vaccinate the world was the only way we could return to normal life w/out restrictions…. even as he admitted in a news interview that he had a 20 to 1 return on his investments……isn't their something wrong with that ?

  14. Mate of mine is driving his girlfriend to get her booster tomorrow otherwise she’ll be fired from her job at Kaiser here in CA. Sad. She didn’t want any of them but she has a mortgage and needs to eat.

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