“Epic Clusterf*ck” Unfolds At WashPo Following Dave Weigel Retweet

It was the retweet heard round the world — Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel’s ill-advised retweet of a mildly sexist joke that led not only to his suspension without pay, but to a wider conflagration at the Post centered around his fellow reporter, Felicia Sonmez.

Jimmy and his panel consisting of The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the maelstrom of accusations, recrimination and distinct lack of collegiality on display in the “clusterfuck” underway at the Post.

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  1. These are the same people pushing "The Message " that everyone is equal and inclusive all being in harmony because everybody is awakened against hate and narrow-minded thinking. Obviously not very forgiving or kind.

  2. I wouldn't line my birdcage with that rag . Is there any investigative journalists left at the WP or do they just write articles that can't be backed up with any facts .

  3. Horrible scums of the earth free to reek havoc through lies & slander. These people are modern day witches using lies & slander no different from hex & curses accept they have actual power to prevent them from getting burnt alive even when solid recorded proof can be found.

  4. started on college campuses in the early 2010s but nobody took it seriously. Jordan Peterson, Bret weinstein and numerous others were canceled by maniac students making bullshit accusations and the spineless administrators always deferred to the students out of fear of opposing anything that was coming grim the general direction of the identity politics left, regardless how insane. even Bill maher was canceled at Berkeley. that should have been an immediate wake up call and the aclu and Washington should have stepped in immediately. but nobody did anything because they created the culture in the bush era that you can never oppose identity politics. there's a whole generation now that were watching closely from their playgrounds and have learned how to weaponize that. and it's literally the most powerful weapon in America today.

  5. While this whole affair demonstrates (FOR THE VERMILLIONTH TIME!!!) many of the famous Laws of SJWs, it most clearly and emphatically demonstrates my proposed Fourth Law: "SJWs totally lack any trace of self-awareness."

  6. If the WP management had balls they would get rid of this toxic employee. It’s clear the WP is not a good place for her to work as it seems that everyone who works there (in her opinion) is a problem.

  7. This new TRAUMA as a defence for being a total bitch is getting old…if I acted out because of past trauma I would likely be in jail…I’m 60 these youngsters are just full of their own fantasy land version of what life is…this is who is going to run the world in a few years…

  8. The shoe I keep waiting to see drop is the one where people on the Left (like Blumenthal) notice the deep systemic pathology of their colleagues, then take the next logical step and question whether the sacred cows on the Left are also constructed through systemic Bad-Jacketing (ie, everything is Trumpism), Potemkin Bogeymen (ie, everything is Fashists), racial and gender smears against those who don't hold the party line (ie, men who disobey become heretics suspected of raep). Analyze that more deeply, dig all the way down to the sacred cows that turned you into "activists" to begin with — read Uncle Kaczynski's "The System's Neatest Trick" if you're having trouble with this kind of self-reflection. Clean that ideological attic out for once before you're old and frail like Chomsky, who sold the same book with different covers 20+ times. Don't suffer that fate.

  9. Max Blumenthal is unbelievably boring… I love the work Jimmy does and I'm sure Max does a lot for valuable things but holy shit he has zero charisma and just tanks the energy of every video he chimes in on

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