EPIC: Elon Musk EXPOSES Left-Wing Group Funded By George Soros!


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  1. I love how your vids keep knocking this stuff out of the park! The commies behind all of this are losing control of their BS narrative and it's causing major psychosis in their ranks. They don't want any form of debate, they want total control. They've definitely mastered the art of projection and propaganda. Keep at it and THANK YOU!

  2. Your subscriber count in your blocked statement should reflect the 200,000 plus subscribers you have received since that photo was taken…lol good work though keep it up!!

  3. Explain why a fluff show like entertainment tonight feels it necessary to ask musk why he bought Twitter Instead of doing something good for charity and oh by the way what are you doing here at this gala. WTH?? Scoring virtue signal points the reporter is an idiot and shows how the media every where are vampires trying tear people down they do not agree with. Disgusting.

  4. This world is in shambles i really have hate in my heart for these people. But it doesnt do me any good… i wish i didnt care so much about stuff that noone else seems to care about. Anytime i try to talk to someone about it i get weird looks or people tell me im crazy. Its exhausting tbh lol

  5. Wait until he starts putting chips in your head and has you tracked by his fleet of satellites. He could already shut your vehicle down, if you own a Tesla.

  6. Thank you so much for your bravery in covering all the corrupt groups who try to run the airwaves ❣️🙏❣️ I pray for your protection for you and your loved ones, that you would be always invisible to them, they will not be able to cause you harm in ANY WAY, in Jesus name, amen 🙏❣️

  7. you're not shadow banned lol. I'm not and will never subscribe, yet I get recommended krap constantly. Nearly 1m subs and you are really claiming that YouTube wants to keep you down. right wingers who rant or share opinions are always claiming "they" are trying to get you, your monologs are not even that controversial

  8. Plato- disinformation
    Aristotle- disinformation
    Shakespeare- disinformation
    Einstein- disinformation
    to leftists, progression is all about silencing ideas and converting children

  9. Anyone just hearing about this now is late to the party. Soros has been trying to take down America for decades. The mafioso criticizing Elon by accusing him of shutting down free speech by allowing free speech is priceless. It's almost like he can't hear what he's saying.

  10. These corporate idiots don't understand that there are MORE of us than them! Which means…..when "they" condemn a company and ask that their people boycott, "WE" buy MORE from those companies!! HEHEHAHA!! JOY JOY JOY! Life goes both ways!

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