Epic Fail! Sargon Of Akkad FORCES Akilah Obviously To Pay Legal Fees

I make no bones about it, Carl is my friend but this is a massive win for fair use, even bigger than H3H3 was for several reasons.

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. Best take yet. Yes this was a win for Carl, but the major win was for the principle of "Fair Use", which means every creator (left, centre and right) benefits from the reaffirmation of that doctrine.

  2. As someone who's starting YouTube, drama like this makes me nervous, but also happy to see the good guys win. I remember it seems like not even 5 years ago, these wenches would always win stuff like this. It was crazy, but I don't know about you guys, but I just feel this major tide shifting. The good guys, and gals, will finally have their day it seems.
    Thanks for the video!

  3. Great Video! Big fan! I Sub and have notifications!
    I have a question tho: [it's off topic]
    Is there a Youtuber who's "famous" for answering question and problems from fans?
    [The questions I have totally just disappeared…Cant remember them atm..ha ha It'll come back to me.]

  4. When examen, no one should have nor ever had supported Ethan for his shit vid. Sargon is an obvious win for Fair Use, not Ethan. She even used Ethan's as a way to win. SMH i

  5. By the time Carl gets his fees back (60 years if Jeremy is right)….the value of that money will be at most, a tenth of what it means today….so he is gonna lose out in the long haul….and that is assuming she pays out as the court ruled and not keep stalling. If she could afford her court case….she must have some money sitting around…and she should be made to give that up to Carl at the outset.

  6. Sorry, but I see this as a huge "FUCK YOU" to not only creators but to the entirety of the British Legal System. Once again an american has pushed for american law enforcement onto none americans. I hate to have to say this but the world does not operate under american laws, nor should none americans that DO NOT LIVE IN THE US. If Akilah wanted justice, then she would have sued in the UK (where Sargon lives and works, and where the alleged infringement occurred). What Akilah wanted was to lash out at someone giving critique, forcing them to pay out thousands of pounds (sterling, not weight) because she wasn't grown up enough to understand that critique is needed, if only for personal improvement.
    And to win your legal costs back in the UK, you need to win the case, that's it, you only need to win. This idea that you have to apply for these costs back in the US goes to show how badly the US legal system needs to reform. But not as badly as the police force does (both US and UK).