Epic Montage: You Don’t Have to Like Trump, But After Seeing This, You Can’t Vote for Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s mental fitness is brought into the spotlight further with this epic montage of fails that America’s Voice News put together.

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Written by Drew Berquist


  1. Anyone can see that Sleepy Joe is a Dummycrat with some form of dementia.
    I hope he can get some retirement time in because he’s going downhill fast and should be enjoying his family in his last days instead of TRYING to run for the highest office in the land. Even Obama said,” never underestimate Biden to F things up.” Scotty, beam me up. Can you think of anything worse than this guy taking the helm? TRUMP 2020

  2. This poor old chap, needs to retire and avoid the embarrassing indignity of this election defeat. The Liberal DNC are a cruel bunch of do nothing wasters.
    I despair of the American DNC.

  3. Finally Joe Biden has found his true profession thanks to Alzheimer's disease: comedian and clown. Keep in mind, however, that he had already practiced with Obama as court-jester. Now he has begun to lay hand on Kamala's and Hillary's buttock, and other women who have come within reach, but he doesn't know why. It was condicioned reflex. The election of 2020 simply goes to prove that America is a land where even a person suffering of Alzheimer's disease, completely crazy, can become president. Normally such a person should be followed continuously by specialised personnel because he could be dangerous to himsel and others and not left loose.

  4. I feel sorry for the guy. He should be retired and enjoy what life he has in this world.
    Oh I'm all conservative but hate to see anyone be used at his age the elderly
    Typical DemoRatzzz.

  5. ??? Elder abuse in full display for us to see! Come on, Man! You can't vote for this poor, poor man. Shame on the dems for using him like this, it's embarrassing.