Epidemiologist: ‘It’s a War on Children.’

Australians are tired of hearing the retort: “BuT ArE YoU aN EpIdeMioLogiSt?!”


Here’s one of the most qualified, most published and most expert epidemiologists in the world, from Stanford University and specialising in public health and aging.

Reacting to Daniel Andrews press conferences he concludes: ‘It’s a war on children’.

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  1. This was my issue the whole time. Our children suffer for a few selfish individuals. The Governments actions has wreaked havoc on my family. I have been extremely mentally and physically unwell, my thriving business stolen by Government. I'm unemployed and beaten down. My children are STILL suffering from anxiety caused by these horrific authoritarians. Yet I don't know a single person medically affected by the pandemic, not one. Zero..

  2. They didn't want people getting together and exchange ideas. Far far easier to monitor a zoom chat with the backing of our greatest ally China then it is to physically check and garrison every single last playground in Victoria. NSW as well wasn't much better. Gladys and Hazzard have trashed this state, but you don't hear about it, because our election isn't until another 6 months away.

  3. Australia is worse then California is because California isn't an entire country. California, you can just leave to somewhere better, Australia, well… we don't exactly have the luxury of a land border to speak of. Another reason to dissolve the failed state Commonwealth.

  4. As a grandmother I say the same thing: by the end of lockdown 2021 here in Melbourne my slogan was "everyone has a right to die in the way they wish" because I couldn't stand to see my beautiful little grandchildren locked up any more.

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