Episode 1106 Scott Adams: George Papadopoulos, His Book Deep State Target, RNC Review

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– Special Guest: George Papadopoulos

– Link to George’s new book, Deep State Target…

– RNC versus DNC production competence

– CNN anger over RNC small stuff

– Shocking number of people believe “Fine People” HOAX

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  1. If you elect joe biden, we'll have riots in the streets, a crashed economy, chaos everywhere. Failure on every level. That's why you must vote for me, Donald Trump, and get Joe Biden out of the White House. He's wrecked everything. So vote Trump – what do you have to lose?

  2. Jill Biden is a cruel wife. What decent wife would allow her demented husband to expose himself so wretchedly? She must be a horrible woman! She's in it for the money, as always.

  3. So the cartoonist doesn't get an answer to his question about DIY covid tests, so Trump ought to be impeached?
    Boy, talk about chutzpah! YOU don't get an answer, so off with his head. I'll start calling you NANCY.
    I get that YOU, cartoonist, think COVID is the #1 issue in the country, but most of the rest of us recognize that there are lots of other, more important issues.

  4. Evidence of Efficacy HCQ
    From Belgium HCQ study

    30% reduced death rate….

    From Italy HCQ Study

    covers HCQ Efficacy, treatment, theory, prophylactic and additional info.

    Why has the CDC and FDA not made cheap rapid HOME testing available?
    Where are we on cheap rapid HOME testing? I can test for HIV at home!
    Game changer.

  5. Why don't they show a picture or clip of his accomplishments in the background to make them picture them. And it should be manually changed according to Trump's pace in discussing the accomplishmentt

  6. Too bad that you assume that CNN fact check of Trump speech is correct. That is not right. Most of it is twisting and creating new definitions for plain words found in Websters for many years.

  7. I thought the Trump speech was wayyyy too long. Trump is his most powerful in small bursts. Quick! That's why he's so awesome in debates.

  8. You are assuming that the WH is listening to you everyday. Why don't you ask directly to any in the President's circle to make sure your question reaches him? With due respect, do you know the RNC convention just wrapped up, some attendees got harassed by the mob (the President got in touched with Sen. Paul and some), the President called the Governor of Texas (and others) at 1am of Aug 29, as Category 4 hurricane landed and there's an emergency declaration, so he flew in Texas to work early morning. As Lousiana is also affected, he'll possibly go there as well. There's only 24 hours in a day, so go ahead Scott, advocate for his impeachment if that's how you feel. Because for sure, alternatively, Nancy Pelosi (who would possibly fill the vacuum after the impeachment) will respond to you quickly if she is not working from home or ignoring her colleagues from wherever she is vacationing.

  9. A pandemic, an economic collapse, nationwide riots, preparing for the RNC — Mr. Trump has had a few distractions.
    Now that the RNC is over, he can devote some attention to test strips.

  10. Scott I have to disagree with you on one point.. Biden has been successful at making his immediate family fairly wealthy over his 47 year career at the tax payer expense.
    And a couple of more points I'd like to throw in here.. ,
    I think many are underestimating the extent the Democrat push with the "Ballot Harvesting" will affect the vote count..
    And Rand Paul has reason to be concerned. He was, as we know, physically attacked in his own front yard by a deranged Democrat and suffered bodily harm as a result. Like Congressman Steve Scalise they both know these threats are very real..
    Another great show Scott.. I enjoy your discussions enormously….

  11. Scott, enjoyed this sip as I always do.

    However, I think you’re being a little hard on the president with regards to the FDA. You continually refer to the FTA as part of Trump’s administration. Today, you went as far as to say he should be impeached if the FDA does it make some statement concerning the quick test. Impeached?

    The FDA is a bureaucracy. The people who work there were there before Trump, and they will be there after. He has little to no control over this and the other agencies of the government. Were he to try to force the FDA to do something they didn’t want to do, no doubt Nancy and the house would go crazy. Look what happened when he simply tried to reassign the ambassador to Ukraine.

    I agree with your point about the testing, and I agree that Trump should make a bigger issue of it, but these government agencies are going to do what they want to do, especially if it helps to get Biden elected.

  12. I agree they lie on both sides, but comparing Trump's exaggerated claims to Biden's impactful lies is an inaccurate approach. The media's tendency for sensationalism and bias is regrettable and shameful. However, the tyrannical ways of the Trump administration, and the many impactful lies, are well-known. It's just unfortunate the press and democrats are hurting things by lying and exaggerating. Despite the confusion, there is still plenty of real facts to give reason to get rid of such a wannabe mob boss tyrant that currently holds the office, which is by far the the most immediate threat, IMO. Get rid of the tyrant, and then clean house, put an end to the corrupt bipartisanship (wishful thinking at least).

  13. I am tired of the lies and censorship , a common theme for those that left the left IS "Research"
    The fine people hoax
    Trump denounced racist clearly stating they was NOT part of the fine people "edited out of original video"

    Drinking bleach hoax
    Trump was talking about UV light as a disinfectant.

    Antifa is a myth: hoax

    Hydroxychloroquine Efficacy deadly drug hoax, exposed
    From Belgium 30% reduced death rate
    From Italy also 30% reduced death rate

    How do these work?
    Joe Says the lie.
    Democrats trust Joe

    The media reports the lie
    Most people trust the media

    Social media/friends and family share the lie.
    Most people do not "Research" because they get validation from 3 trusted sources….

    Biden lied
    Media lied.
    Friends and family believe the lie and share it. No one has verified it.

    The Democrats and main stream media do not care about you and me. They demand we have scientific evidence of HCQ and hide all talk of HCQ, while applying censorship to evidence of fine people or bleach hoax/LIES

    Google/Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and their Big Tech friends want to control what you see, what you read, what you think, and ultimately, how you vote. Not only do they spend hundreds of millions of dollars on lobbying congress and buttering up big Washington DC think tanks, but now they brazenly and directly censor any content they don't want you to see.

    If you do not understand how dangerous this is ask a friend. 6 democratic mayors endorsed trump from Minnesota.

    I like the "right to try bill" aids drugs free, prison reform. Pharmacy drugs EO lowering drug cost.
    I am not alone millions have and are leaving the left.