Episode 1134 Scott Adams: Peaceful Transfers of Power, Fake News Riots, Biden’s Lid, TDS Cures

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– A voting system designed to fail and spark chaos

– Whiteboard: Breonna Taylor, Two Realities

– Did CNN reporting, increase the violent rioting?

– Van Jones question…if Breonna had been white

– Hunter Biden new info, lots of swampy info

– Joy Reid’s corrosive comment on “bygones”

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  1. Scott, these people would discount the data as being fake bc it’s compiled by a white patriarchal system. This new religion of “Critical Race Theory” has no atonement, no redemption, and no reconciliation. There is nothing Trump could say to appease these people. I’m black btw. I asked my friends what do you want from white people?!! They say they want an apology, but I know that will not appease their ire

  2. @Scott, just because a thing is stupid or not well thought out, isn't an argument against them having done; there are folks like that out there.
    After all, all this happened in an era where there wasn't and likely wouldn't be this kind of scrutiny. Such bad behavior was a thing, and being allowed. Biden did say to the world that he strong armed that Prosecutor and got hit way. He didn't give the most damning details of why, but it came off a bit more damning than "they will let you grab them…". Biden's comment there was him bragging of his power on tv, and not some "oh that was just locker-room talk between fellas," in an undercover recording.

    But I ain't one to gossip… .

  3. @Scott, I'm not sure how one would conclude the affinity for science the genders have based on an opinion question. This particular question is not one that calls on an understanding of sciences to come to a conclusion, but is one that can be bent but indoctrination to a cause, or all manner of other questions or environmental factors such as if they question was asked to couples and the "male" answered first in a manner they expected to gain favor, for example. Or if conversation prior to answering raised emotional ire to climate change, in one case but not the other. Or young ideological folks vs. older more seasoned folks. You're conclusion is made seemingly based on facts not in evidence by the info you presented in this moment.

    But I ain't one to gossip… .

  4. Still going on about no one makes there own decisions and the Ai and algorithms control every thing. Thumbs down and I stop listening every time you bring up this hair brain idea.