Episode 1135 Scott Adams: Coup Plotter Details Emerge, BLM Focuses on Revenge Over Solutions

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– CNN dark…on the biggest story in the history of America?

– Is Biden the candidate…to protect those guilty of a coup?

– Is BLM a REVENGE oriented movement?

– 8 AM…How’s Joe doing today, another “lid” this morning?

– When the election is not deemed credible…then what?

– Kim Jong-Un issues apology

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  1. Yes it is better to listen to you podcast at 1.5x speed, but that's true of almost every podcast I listen to save Crowder and Shapiro. There are a few outliers that are best at 1.25x speed.

  2. Scott–You're seeing "1984" has come to life. Watch the movie again or read the book and have your mind blown again. 2+2 no longer equals 4 and unless you admit the mainstream narrative which is it equals 5, you are an enemy to "The Party" and will be a victim of the Thought Police. Our media has been changing the truth just like those in the book/movie crossing out the real news and then incinerating the evidence of it. The journal he kept "hidden" in the wall–he only thought was hidden. Big brother was watching him and actually "The Party" allowed him to use it in order to understand his true thoughts about everything–and there you have your Facebook Wall and other social media where your views will be used against you. We only think this year is 2020—it is really 1984.

  3. The problem people siding with BLM think they've identified is intractable, because what they think is systemic racism is really just a result of A-A's group-level low cognitive ability. Being dumber by an entire standard deviation of IQ points is a big deal, and It's impossible to reason with people who aren't just too dumb to acquire the knowledge and skills that would make them valuable to society, but who are too dumb to realize that their problem is that they're too dumb to acquire the knowledge and skills that would make them valuable to society.

  4. The brain hacking is very real. Another example. What happened to the push for universal healthcare? It's pretty much gone from the discussion isn't it? Think about how that happened. People who are in favor of universal healthcare are now associated with what and who? Pretty unsavory, right?

  5. You are not looking at leftist ideology when you talk about them not having a plan and not trying to persuade, etc. They most definitely have a plan. If you look at their ideology they believe EVERYONE falls under the category of "oppressor and oppressed". Everyone is either one or the other. They believe up until now they have been the "oppressed". Under that context the ONLY solution they have for that is for them to become the oppressors. They have chosen that option. Now that they have decided to become the oppressors they believe in power through control by any means necessary. They do NOT believe in argument or persuasion. They believe they MUST force everyone who does not agree with them into compliance through bullying and violence. They also believe they must completely destroy the current system before a better system can be put into place. That also must be done through forced compliance using bullying and violence. So no, this is not about "revenge". It is about their beliefs about the structure of power as "oppressor and oppressed".

  6. 33:50 Scott finally got there: it's ENVY, mostly. Envious people would rather be inside a sewage with everyone else there, instead of being in a bed of silk with a few people with even better beds. Socialism is motivated by the most part by envy.

  7. Creating and "disappearing" news, how about those eight minutes of George "Fentanyl" Floyde which was deliberately leaked by Minn. AG Keith Ellison. Keeping the nation in the dark about the real circumstances of Floyd's arrest to fan the flames of racial hatred and create a media event, could Keith Ellison, the Democratic party, and MSM be so devious and with full knowledge of the consequences, they'd employ such a maliciously evil scheme is not beyond belief. As they say: "by any means necessary".

  8. The 'pain' comes from what happens in their home life (or lack thereof) NOT by 'racist' / white people. Scott grew up in upstate NY and no doubt had little interaction with black kids.

  9. 40:00 Self-righteous anger, victimhood, vengefulness – these mental states are strangely addictive. BLM and their apologists seem like the person who complains to everyone about the same problem day after day, but are not interested in hearing a solution. Their complaints are simply an attempt to get you to validate their feelings about the matter.