Epstein Confidant Ghislaine Maxwell ARRESTED, Insane Conspiracies Pop Up Immediately

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  1. I love how one conspiracy theory is that he fired the nyc ag investigating him, so that he could kill her and cover up his child trafficking ring.

    But they never think that maybe the ag was investigating him to spy, so that they could kill her and stop him from uncovering their rings.

    After all epstein wasnt held in a military base he was held in nyc.

  2. In the first part, scenario 1 makes more sense than scenario 2 because she still got arrested.
    However, the "deep state" wont be drained. Its just the constant govt, the people who dont get elected every few years.

  3. I would be more willing to bet that someone who’s an enemy of Trump is paying her off to talk trash on Trump. Don’t be surprised if suddenly videos (probably deep fakes) of Trump doing nasty things with underage girls pop up. It’s a full court press all the way to the election.

  4. If what she knows would take down Trump, she'd be the biggest star in the world.
    If what she knows will take down multiple rich Democrats, she won't live to see November.

    "They were posting all the photos with Trump, and Epstein."
    Conveniently ignoring the hundreds of photos with Maxwell, and Epstein, alongside literally every Democrat Politician ever.
    Also, there's a rumor that Hillary Clinton is on suicide watch.

  6. If that was the case she would have never appeared again. Trumps not in to little girls. Hes more in to used up 30 year old porn stars. They'll have a much harder time getting to her. Before handing herself in she'll make sure no one in volvelved will be near her.

  7. I feel like once she lists the names a bunch of rich people are gonna dip TF outta America or commit suicide. This is gonna be great. Jk there's no evidence for any of the accused so nothing will happen. The rich can get out of almost anything

  8. I can see it now:

    Maxwell diagnosed with COVID

    Physicians say Maxwell having physical complications, assign her respirator

    Maxwell found dead after respirator malfunction

    Give it a month. Maybe 2 at the most. She's getting suicided just like that scumbag Epstein

  9. I bet she implicates Trump… hear me out first. Do you recall how the Alger Hiss trials and the House Committee on Un-American Activities faded away? The commies started accusing their accusers, and then purposefully left easily decipherable "clues" sent to the USSR via embassy telegraphs. She has had plenty of time to falsify evidence on anyone that her handlers want.

  10. If it's to cover up the President, why arrest her in the first place?
    Why not just make her disappear in the first place, why arrest her first?
    Common sense.

  11. MSN: Ghislaine Maxwell died of coronavirus today, we now go to the chief medical examiner for his details
    Medical Examiner: I've never seen a coronavirus like this, the vertebrae in her ne—
    MSN: We seem to have lost the footage their…

  12. Trump helped build the case against Epstein… I don't think he was involved with Epstein's… hobby.
    Trump and Epstein were friends. Then Trump ended that friendship abruptly. Then Trump helped the authorities build their case against Epstein.