Epstein, Gates & Mainstream Media’s CONSPIRACY Of Silence

A new Jeffrey Epstein book by Julie Brown reveals the media’s conspiracy of silence protecting him, as new reports also emerge regarding his relationship with Bill Gates.
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Written by Russell Brand


  1. The reason this isn’t being discussed, is because if it were to all be exposed it would literally topple the US government and elite overnight!!!! There are too many hi powered people at the top echelon‘s of society, who are doing extremely nefarious things with Epstein amd his Child sex trafficking ring!!!Epstein was also “Suicided” AKA “TAKEN OUT OF HOS BODY (MURDERED)!!!! there was no way the elites and high-powered government officials involved in his debauchery would ever allow themselves to be exposed on that level!!! The philanthropy is also a guise that the elite use to hide behind, while they are doing all their disgusting acts!!! They supposedly raise all of this money for causes, but those causes never see the benefit of it!!! It’s a dog and pony show!!! These elite are all involved in sex trafficking, child disappearances, & ritual abuse!!!! Anything Goes was the motto on Epstein‘s island, and therefore it did!!! It was a safe haven for the elite to act out there most disgusting nefarious fantasies with young women who were not wanting to be there, or were leather on false pretenses!!! This is a conspiracy, but it’s not a theory at all!!!! Epstein had a known reputation with everyone who worked in that entire area of islands, & they know exactly what was happening!!! Also his “ temple” was a facade, & it wasn’t even real construction, to the point that the big doors on the side were a painted on illusion, in case planes, or drones would try to photograph it from the air!!!!! The façade of a temple, was also used for horrific things, including dental work, & I’m not talking about the kind that preserve your teeth!!!! I’m talking about dental chairs located in the basement of that structure, that were used in a way that the mafia would have used them, if that’s any indication for you??!!!!! We are talking about the removal of teeth, before the disposal of bodies, so that they cannot be identified through dental records!!! If you’re wondering how I know all of this information, it is because I know people who have told me directly what was going on there because they saw & heard things they can never unsee!!!

    It’s also very convenient that Covid took over the medias entire narrative, although this is such a high profile case, & “we the people” are not forgetting, & demanding answers, but they aren’t listening, because they don’t care about victims, & only care about protecting their own asses and assets!!! This is typical elite behavior, and the fact that the mass media is owned by five corporations maximum, tells us all we need to know about the situation, & the fact that they are directly involved in the nefarious actions, as well as the cover-up of them!!! To the public I would ask that you never stop asking questions, & pushing for a resolution in this disgusting situation!!! What they want is for us to be so distracted with other things, that we just stop asking!!! If we do that, & allow that to be “the case”, they have already won before ever standing trial for sex crimes, & crimes against humanity!!! Due to the fact that we are all innocent until proven guilty in a court of law in America, means it never happened if they never have to defend themselves in that same court of law!!! Epstein made sure that he had lawyers & judges, as well as politicians and all the people at the top participating, so that he could never be truly exposed!!!

    I appreciate you talking about this, because not enough people are, & it is such a major story, as well as crime circle, that it is big enough to take down parts of the world in ways we’ve never thought possible!!! This needs to continue to be a topic of discussion, even if they don’t want us to be talking about it, for this exact reason!!! We cannot allow them to get away with this, & I truly believe one day things will be mostly exposed, but for me the question will be “how long will it take, & will I see it in my lifetime” ?? I hope the answer is yes, because we all deserve to know the truth about the people who run the world, & what they’re up to in their “free time”!!! Since I already know the answers to these questions, my main concern is that it be exposed to the rest of the world, so that they can understand the magnitude of this operation, as well as how far reaching it actually has been!!! Not to mention the fact that since Epstein‘s death, this has not stopped, and has only switched hands!!! Meaning other people are still participating in this sex trafficking ring, & disgusting actions, but has been moved to a new secret location, with different people running the helm!!!! This type of activity has been a part of society since the beginning, and has always been hidden by the people at the top of the power hierarchy a.k.a. pyramid!!!! Just like the mafia did/ does, all the people involved have been threatened that if they speak out it will be the end for them!!!

    If you are still on the fence about any of this, all you need to do is look at the mass media, as well as our governments narcissistically abusing, & gaslighting the people, on a level never before seen with all of this Covid insanity!!! They have kept us in a state of trauma for such a long period of time, that most people are depressed, anxious, & simply do not have the energy to do anything more than try to shower and eat on a daily basis, & that is by design!!! How do you control people??? You get them to a state in which they can barely function, & are extremely broken humans, which is where the majority of people are finding themselves these days!!! They have fallen victim to the fear mongering media, who also covers up the truth regarding everything, and instead of turning off their TVs and going back out into nature, they just continue to except this type of torture, while not even realizing that is what it is!!!! If you have never studied psychology and these type of tactics, I recommend that you start now, because of how much it is impacting every single person on the planet at the moment!!!! They want us scared, weak, in the mentality of lack, and feeling dependent on the government to come & save us from this mess, but I have news for you, no one is coming to save you!!!!!!! Not a person, government, or even a “vaxxine” Period!!!!!!

    PS: I also hate to break it to you that we are never going back to normal because that is not the agenda that has been planned since at least 1992, and actually goes back to the great depression and it’s roots!!!! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you have clearly not done enough research, and need to educate yourself!!! Too many people these days are lazy, & just believe what they are told, as opposed to actually going down the rabbit hole to find the truth for themselves!!! I wish that people would wake up (not become woke which is part of the problem), & at least try to help themselves!!! ????

    Court Jester Russel Brand reads us the news:
    "Billionaires can be a problem…uh 'shady LIMINAL SPACES'… but really THE SYSTEMS themselves are broken"

    we, the peasants:
    "oh Jester, but how do we fix it?"

    Court Jester flares equine gums, produces shiny juggling spheres "heheheheh keep your eyes in these I call 'em the Occult Philosophy Spheres of Narcissism, they are opaque AND YET LOOKIT HOW THEY SHINE"

    peasants: "B-but you claim you have TROOFS"

    Jester inserts YOUTUBE AD, somersaults towards the billionaire
    " -uhm BLAVATSKI! "
    peasants being whipped out of the court "Russeeeel, save uSss!"
    nests against the King's cankles, purrs in Kargyraa

  3. And i will say it again…. In the last video i sore you make russ you said that there is a chance that covid was "leaked" around august!!! So what month did Epstein die again? to add to it the guy who invented the PCR test dies 3 days before Epstein the same test that has been pulled for it inability to detect the difference between covid and the flu… Not to mention if the inventor of the PCR test was still alive he would say this is not what it was invented to do…. And if you don't think that billionaires would do anything possible to hide the fact they fuock kids then think again… They have the money the ties the ability to found out every dark secret other people have that they may black mail to use as their puppets!!! The time lines are to much of a coincidence…

  4. The elephant in the room is the elites obsession with living forever , gene modification and de population and creating Their ideal utopia . That was a part of Gates relationship with Epstein .They have become religious nuts blinded by their god of genetic modification and engineering perfect ' Life ' and ' humanity ' and much like Hitler you have no choice as they know best and its for greater good . Gates has OCD of the highest order , he is Obsessed with Pure Humanity and Life being modified so it has no flaws as he seems them . The Elite are creating a new church called Biotech with Ai as God and them as the grand priests as they are all Blinded by Ego.

  5. If this information is not enough to wake up people and make them question the official mainstream reality, then its just their convenient choice.

  6. Anderson Cooper is a Project Mockingbird agent. Its public information. He interned with the CeeEyeAyy every summer in college.

    Don't get me started on his creepy mom.

  7. No Epstein didn’t do this alone. It’s a full scale network and It’s still happening w a full scale network but w new hires and just for now, just a bit quieter. The only reason it’s still being reported is because of people who are determined to make the public aware. The others who are still part reporting are only doing out of damage control because someone called for it. Otherwise it’s like everything else these mobs in high government, banking, and other places of prestige and power operate. It’s just another day in the life of the selfish and greedy narcissistic powerful elites!! Thank you Russell for bringing awareness and doing your part in becoming part of the change you want to see in the world!! It’s bombshell after bombshell and still: These are the so called human beings that are in positions where their pathetic and sick behaviors and choices they choose in the name of selfish gains ruin and destroy lives. The shit that flies back down from the storms they create and leave behind. Humanity gets hit in the face with. Never do these dirtbags deal w the consequences they force on humanity!! God our CRESTOR OF ALL IS BRUNGING JUSTICE TO ALL. Time is speeding up and time is catching up!! Whether your beliefs are different than mine it doesn’t matter. We all can easily agree that nobody has a right to ruin our world and it’s people because you are a multi billionaire! Therefore as I pray to my God please allow my prayer be for the betterment of our world without bringing your opinion of my God. Please respect it as I respect you!!
    Dear Lord Please I pray for all of us to see your power and glory be forced upon this beautiful planet and on all of the beautiful living that you created!!! I call out to you to put your justice on those who are hurting others and deceiving your people. Lord please allow your will of love, mercy, and grace be shown and felt on so so many of us that are willing to give you all praise and proclaim you as most high. Please GOD PLEASE SHOW THAT NOBODY IS ABLE TO HURT SO MUCH OF YOUR CREATION WHILE AT THE SAME THEY KEEP LYING AND CLAIMING TO CARE AND DO THEIR ACTS IN FALSE CLAIMS TO BE HELPING!! WE ARE ALL MADE AND CREATED W PURPOSE IN YOUR PLAN. None of us YOU CREATED WERE CREATED LOWER OR LESS THAN ANY OTHER!! SHOW THEM THE TRUTH AND SHOW THEM LOVE!! ALSO THOSE WHO COMMIT EVIL ACTS FOR SELFISH GAIN.GOD OPEN THEIR HEARTs, MINDS, AND EYES TO INFORM THEM OF THE TRUTH TO WAKE THEIR SOUL AND SPIRIT TO CREATE THEIR AWARENESS AND A CHANCE TO AWAKEN AND A CHANCR TO TURN AWAY FROM EVIL SELFISH ACTS!! THANK YOU SO MUCH GOD!! IN JESUS NAME!!

  8. Time to just cut to the chase and hold the large news corporations and celebrity philanthropists accountable for conspiring to harm large numbers of individuals, a public menace shall we say. In a nutshell Spin Spin Spin with intent to subvert the course of justice. Time for some new labelling of this shite.

    Edit: If it were a game of cluedo there would be suspects based on association ?

  9. I find it shocking that so many "people" believe the idea that billionaires are philanthropists, because if they were they would not be billionaires…