Epstein Guards Admit to LYING About His Death, Biden FORGETS Who the President Is, COVID Cringe

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Jeffrey Epstein’s guard ADMIT they falsified records involving his death, ultimately avoiding a prison sentence by working out a plea deal with prosecutors. Meanwhile, Joe Biden accidentally calls the Korean president prime minister in another EMBARRASSING gaffe as critics question his mental fitness. Trump restores Trump Force One and will announce his decision to run for president after the 2022 primaries. Dating apps team up with the government to create virtual vaccination badges. CRINGE. #Epstein #Biden #Trump


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Written by MR. OBVIOUS


  1. More attractive ? … show me a guy or girl who wouldn't normally have any luck finding a date and then show me the same person being vaccinated and having more luck

  2. Donald Trump should go for president of Florida since it is pretty much a independent state at this point as we all want to cut it off from the USA by giant saw or giant laser

  3. There wasn't a SINGLE law-enforcement worker that DIDN'T know Epstein and what he was in there for.
    NOT. A. ONE.
    In the ENTIRE country.

  4. Men and women who walk in the land of free, and demand more freedom; are not asking for freedom in the casual sense per say; they are seeking for freedom from a burden and guilt – a mountain of skeletons in their closet. They see freedom from consequences. They seek freedom from shackles only they have.

  5. Imagine what you would feel, if you have a loving wife and children; and one day an elite team comes in, constrains you down to the floor and make you watch as your family gets raped and injected with drugs that wipes their mind clean, and they go ahegao over their new slave masters. This is a metaphore of what's happening to america.

  6. take the guns first & go to court later sorry after hearing that from trump I will never vote for him going forward even if he runs again I have a zero tolerance policy to gun control absolutely zero I will never knowingly vote for any one who supports gun control.

    I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one with that stance so having part of the gun community out right refusing to vote for him it would be stupid for him to run again. I'd rather have the governor of Florida run for president instead & give him a try at the reins vs some one who has opened a can of worms giving ATF unrestrained power to become law makers creating a big pile of bullshit we are now dealing with.

  7. Thank goodness. There's a pretty fair chance if you bed one of the vacced you might end up sterile. I'm just gonna have to keep it in my pants, so to speak, till we know more.

  8. Here's how we get epsteins death properly investigated and his killer discovered :
    Step 1: get epsteins dna
    Step 2: send it to ancestory. Com
    Step 3: falsify the results to show that he was actually black.

    He'll get fully pardoned for all his crimes, but at least we can get to the bottom of his "suicide"

  9. Both my grandmother and my son are O Negative Universal donors… Once you get that vaccine, you cannot donate blood! You can no longer save the life of another human! To other humans… Tells me everything I need to know…

  10. I seen on YouTube somewhere yesterday that in some states they are even going as far as bribing ppl to get the Covid19 vaccine! Telling them if they get it their name will go in a lottery drawing to win 5 million and a few other states it was 1 million. Your name would be drawn outta a hat from 5 other ppl! They getting desperate to MAKE ppl take this vaccine!??

  11. I don't want your facking trademark, go f yourselves. Might as well make people have a qr tattoo with their social media profile or citizen id.

  12. So if epstein didn't kill himself… then how did he commit suicide?
    Checkmate future peasants of the new world order! Mwahahahahaha!