Epstein Pimp Suddenly Found ‘Hanged’ In French Prison | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar investigate the mysterious death of Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking pimp Jean-Luc Brunel in a French prison that was not caught on camera

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  1. The numbers are very high. Just keep your eyes on the sky to sea them..

    The plane. …the plane…

    It's just the Epstien virus … it's only contagious if your involved…
    No way to mask that…

    Whitney Webb has some excellent articles on this.. from Mint Press, and more..

    Imagine what they are trying to hide if that is what was allowed out…

  2. When did Broken Points become The View? From what I'm hearing neither of these two DC bubbleheads know what "alleged" means. Krystal could have a whole new career writing smut novels! Victoria's Secret "girls"? bordellos? brothels? Jesus wept!

  3. There is – another modelling agent, who is being investigated – Gerald Marie – ex-husband of Linda Evangalista, who is also being accused of rape of very young teenage models who worked for him in Paris. He was associated with Brunel.

  4. Brunel gets to now join the $wackd club, whose members include big names such as Epstein, Mcafee and more! You can now join this exclusive club for a limited time by simply pointing out incriminating evidence on the elite class. If you act now, and mention a Clinton, you can even get free shipping! (By shipping I mean shot)

  5. The annoying thing is that all the incentives for all the crooks align. The imprisoned suspects probably want a quick way out of any accountability and the co-conspirators don't want any more witnesses to testify. Regardless of how he died it's very convenient for the remaining abusers to have one less possible suspect testify against them.

    Governments around the world should be ashamed of letting these people so easily off the hook.

  6. One aspect of the Epstein “scheme”and perhaps the most important that is never brought up is how these girls were used as honey pots to blackmail powerful or influential people and thereby control the geopolitical landscape. The fact that Epstein “didn’t kill himself” is proof that this operation wasn’t just about Epstein but was and probably still is about something much bigger.

  7. Thank you! Please keep reporting on this issue. Here in the US, model Carre Otis has a case against Gerald Marie, the biggest French agent under the child victims act in NY- Brunel’s competition. Please report on that case. The modeling industry has been used for trafficking for the past 30 years. It’s an unregulated industry, and the same people have been controlling it for 3 decades. Models need labor rights laws. An organization named Model Alliance is trying to get legislation enacted.

  8. Nobody else needs to be in his cell. Powerful actors with secrets they want to keep secret can pressure him to “do the right thing” and kill himself, with either threats or promises regarding his family etc.

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