Epstein Prison Warden QUIETLY RETIRED During DOJ Investigation Of Suicide

Briahna Joy Gray and Kim Iversen react to new developments in the investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

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  1. No one who followed this closely believes it was suicide. Look at the photos. His neck was cut bloody by something with the consistency of a wire. The sheet he supposedly hanged himself on has no blood on it. It's physically impossible. This was called out by a forensics investigator and lawyers for Epstein, so it's not like people in government don't know. In my entire life, I've never seen a more blatant example of our government lying to us. How many are part of this, and why are those who aren't part of it afraid to speak up? Our government has gone completely rogue.

  2. The Federal Prison system is under funded and under staffed this is NO SECRET. This is what you should be doing a report on, this is going on across the country and it's getting worse BUT NO ONES CARES until something like this happens or a staff member is killed. Love your channel and keep up the good work.

  3. So, Jeffrey Epstein was transferred to a part of Rikers that catered to people prone towards committing suicide, he was in a cell, I believe the cell had a sheet of transparent material covering the whole of the front of it (think Silence of the Lamb) and it's own CCTV camera with a detailed and regimented surveillance schedule, as one would think, to oversee this population, further, THE EYES OF THE NATION were on Mr. Epstein point being it would prove "embarrassing" for anything to OOOOOPS, SOOOOO SOOORRRREEEEE let anything happen to this man and yet? And yet that's exactly what transpired, OOOPS, MR. EPSTEIN COMMITTED SUICIDE BY ER, BY HANGING HIMSELF WITH ER, WITH MATERIAL SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO PRECLUDE THAT VERY THING AND ER, THE CCTV CAMERA'S MALFUNCTIONED AND THE GUARDS FELL ASLEEP (later to receive a slap on the wrist) but er, yea, he "committed suicide".

  4. Too many rich and powerful people would have been exposed had he gotten to trial.. They had to silence him and that is the end of the store.. Now the are able to continue their wicked and disgusting ways sleeping with under aged girls and boys.. We need help in our society when that is what the rich and powerful do in this age..

  5. Bi-partisans can't process that eg Clinton and Trump went to the island. They can't cheer for the home team, and boo the enemy.
    So to quote Bill Gates
    "He's dead now🤷‍♂️"
    Case closed.

  6. So how come I have a feeling he’s going to end up suiciding himself you know added to Hillary’s list??? …Hopefully he’ll write a book 1st but I do have a feeling Hillary knows that’s coming to maybe he’ll make notes and lock them up who knows but she usually tends to get rid of all these people

  7. Look up dark journalist on YouTube amazing channel. His rules are first you get official story from government, then you get the real story from researchers and writers and then you get the crazy conspiracy theories that push people back to original story. Which makes people go back to the government provided story.

  8. Federal DoJ Prison cameras breaking down, NYC Metro Transit cameras breaking down; who the heck has these equipment-supply and equipment-maintenance contracts?

    Fire them, seek prosecution for defrauding the government, and find better contractors!

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