EPSTEIN Update!: HUGE List of Alleged Conspirators! | Louder With Crowder

Ghislaine Maxwell (pronounced Jizz-lane) is on trial for many sex-trafficking related things. Also, almost everything/everyone in pop-culture or media is listed as a alleged co-conspirator. Just so you know.

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“Eat My Butt” #ghislainemaxwell #epstein #trial

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  1. I've been tracking epstein for over 10 years now. This is not a joke. If you see these people or companies in the street, do what the liberals do: harass them and make the rest of their existence on Earth as inhospitable as possible. It is the only way to stop them. They have sold out for this and we need to sell out to bring them to justice.

  2. Shalom and many blessings to you all. We need to start working on True World reform. Because God's love is your life always and eternal forever and ever amen hallelujah. And all I see is a lens of discourse and a lack of trying to figure out who broke that soul and trying to fix it. A lot of things in our lives are a result of childhood traumas that we need to deal with. The rest of it is introspective works on where you stand with God the master of all universes and creation and existence. I say this as I walk a path of peace and love and I hope it is yours as well.

  3. if they knew that's one thing, but honestly do you think Beyonce would have known about girls being trafficked and let it happen? I will give the list the benefit of the doubt until I know more.

  4. In the UK, after the exposure of Jimmy Saville being a disgusting deviant, there was a major push to uncover who else was involved, since that time there as been a handful of conviction's against former celebrities on historical offences (non connected to Saville), a failed witch hunt against other former celebrities and we had two (or three) different women leading the main investigation and each one of them quit for undisclosed reasons. Not to mention David Steel who was the leader of a centrist parties during the eighties admitted that he knew one of his MPs was a practicing pedo but he didn't the MPs mother to find out so he kept it secret, he's not be charged with anything, he still sits in the house of lord and his party "suspended" him for few months, disgusting.
    The last one head of the investigation was in 2018, then #Metoo happened and it was all swept under the rug, because women's feelings are more important than children.

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