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Written by Clown Planet


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  1. Until it begins to affect HIM and then it's too late…

    And I wonder how long it'll take for the likes of him to start trying to bring in the peds as a protective group – a Minnesota senator in the US is already pushing for a bill to have it recognised as a preference… and we all know what that means in the legal framework.

  2. Phobia is being scared of something, i am not scared of these people who think they are a non binary potato, just wound up by them. But scared, behave yourself Danny boy. As for his words, i think Harold Steptoe sums it up best ''don't you talk of load of old cobblers at times''.

  3. I would rather live in Florida anyday
    Imagine living in the woke hell hole Melbourne, the worst leftists state in Australia, closely followed by Canberra

  4. What he says is it's not okay for straight folks to object to the heavily one-sided "alphabet people"-rights-of-superiority push calling the straight folks "phobic" or "ist" to shut them up, but it is just fine for the alphabet types to be as nasty as they like with impunity. He needs a holiday; drop him off to swim with the dolphins in the GBR.

  5. NO such thing as 'government funded'. The government is broke. It has no money. It is ALL YOUR money. This little grub is using YOUR tax dollars to protect pedophiles, as he just said. Sack the lot of them and replace them with something other than lawyers, solicitors, and barristers. How about some Electricians, Plumbers, Mechanics, Computer Technicians, Labourers etc? THEN, and only then will this country stop being run in to the ground at the hand of the select few.

  6. Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that the non-binary was marked on the 2021 Census form by just 43,220 respondents or 0.17% of the Australian population.
    Each year, around 30,000 people are reported missing in Australia—one person every 18 minutes.

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