Eric Clapton Attacked For Speaking Out About Vaxx

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DISCLAIMER: The views shared in this video regarding COVID vaccines, treatments, or administrative techniques may conflict with health authorities.

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  1. I am a biologist and anybody that don't want the truth about this vaccine is just full of s***! The truth about the vaccine is what the people needs good or bad the truth will set you free God's word

  2. In Eric’s defense, he is already known to hate all brown skinned immigrants, so he probably already deserves to be publicly ridiculed cuz we all know already that he is a bad person. And he never even had any good songs to begin with. Layla makes me want to shoot myself in the head, cuz it never fucking ends.

  3. Why don’t you ever google anything? Context matters. Eric Clapton and van morrison have both said things that are really xenophobic. . . That is why they are being called racist. It has nothing to do with the vaccine. Eric and van were already being called racist way before covid. So you are the one ignoring context. Van Morrison publicly declared his hatred of immigrants way before covid. Eric Clapton did as well. Just google it if you don’t know.

  4. Chronic pain is torture, you can't take enough drugs to stop it…and still function as a normal person.
    If you want to become a drug addict fine but it's depressing and it never goes away. And now with the restrictions of pain medication it's gotten far far worse.

  5. that reminds me I need to complete a yellow card for my adverse reactions (myocarditis) I'm 24 so not even the age group they've been saying are at risk of myocarditis. Thanks NHS for not telling me, I was terrified for my life for a few days (and the few it returned in the following weeks). Shite happens.

  6. Thanks for your honest reporting
    This is what i love about Americans your unwavering ability to stand up and push back
    Up here in Canada if the numbers are correct most provinces are pushing 85 per cent 12 and older are double vaxed and now starting boosters as well
    They have completely pledged allegiance to the vax
    Its like living inside a cult or living in the movie invasion of the body snatchers
    And if you dare question any of it you will get a bunch of parrots giving you word for word everything they watched on the cbc
    AND don't forget the benefits out weigh the risks

  7. JIMMY DORE…WOULD YOU ASK one of your medical expert guests the following…"Would you show me that is is not possible, for newly-admitted Covid-19 patients to be hyperventilated into submission (using pure oxygen), until the virus is out of their system (after which patients are fraudulently declared brain dead, and harvested of their vital organ$)"???

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