Eric Clapton: CANCELLED for exposing COVID-19 Vaccine

The BEST Eric Clapton COVID Vaccine Interview. “This Has Gotta Stop!” #EricClapton #COVID #Guitar
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Common Q & A
► What instruments do you play?
Nearly all, but I am primarily recognized for guitar. I started out on bass, and eventually moved into everything else over time.
► Who are your favorite artists and why?
I love classic rock and jazz, mostly. My favorite guitarists include Eddie Van Halen, Larry Coryell, Terry Kath, Mick Taylor, Wes Montgomery, George Benson, and Dickey Betts. Regarding bass, John Entwistle is the man, and I give huge props to session guys like James Jameson, Ron Carter, and Chuck Rainey. Drummers I admire include Buddy Miles and Keith Moon. Jim Morrison, Marvin Gaye, and Chris Robinson are amongst my most listened-to singers. This list would not be complete without me at least mentioning the contributions of John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Stevie Wonder. Overall, I’m mostly into grittiness, guts, and guitars.
► How often do you upload?
I try to upload several times a week.
► Who are some folks that you have worked with?
● Gene Paul (Grammy-winning audio engineer/producer and son of the iconic guitar pioneer Les Paul)
● Bob Olhsson (engineer for the majority of classic Motown acts, best known for his work on Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On album.)
● Don Casale (engineer for many classic Atlantic Records artists such as Aretha Franklin, The Rascals, and Roberta Flack)
● Brian “Big Bass” Gardner (mastering engineer, Santana, Rolling Stones, & many more)
● Jill Tengan (engineer, Britney Spears, ZZ Ward, etc.)
● Chet McCracken (Grammy-winning songwriter, former drummer for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band The Doobie Brothers.)
● Ross Pallone (mixer and live sound for The Jacksons, Christopher Cross, etc.)
● Rodney Mills (engineer, .38 Special, Lylyrd Skynyrd, & others)
● Vincent Unto (vocalist with ’70s disco band Executive Suite – Billboard chart hit “When the Fuel Runs Out”)
● Stephen Quadros (drummer for ’80s rock band Snow, actor and MMA broadcaster for Showtime Networks) (trivia: Quadros auditioned to replace Peter Criss in KISS.)
● Andreas Brobier (drummer, Lady Gaga, Stefy, etc.)
► What gear do you use?
Fernandes, Fender, and Martin guitars, in recent times. My Fender Telecaster is a B&G “double bender” built by the inventor of the B-bender, Gene Parsons, who was also the drummer for The Byrds. I play Ibanez and Peavey basses, and a Ludwig drum kit. Most of my synth work has been captured on various Korg keyboards.
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● Twitter: @SingletaryMusic
● Facebook: @MarcusSingletaryMusic
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  1. You were my first concert in 1976! I've always been a fan. I appreciate this video so much! I feel the same way that you do. Thank you for your voice concerning this. Keep getting better ok. Love, a fan

  2. My 84 yr old Aunt has Emphysema, and severe Neuropathy from chemotherapy for stage 4 lung cancer. She got both her vaccines without issue and is looking forward to getting her booster. If his reactions were d/t the vax, he's one of very few. I do agree with his views on the Government. At least he really put some thought into it, unlike most non vaxxers.

  3. Mr. Clapton, I am proud that you have the courage to come forward with your story. We have to trust our inner spirit. Because we certainly can't trust our elitist cabal politicians or their MSM accomplices. I have been a fan for many years and look forward to many more. You have risen several notches on my respect meter. Blessings to you and your family.

  4. Eric, I love you but science is just as real as music. You had side effects because that was your immune system getting ready to fight covid. Chemo had real side effects as in permanent hair loss yet so I am told by the general public I am still alive. It’s true I am. No one can dona double blind study on one person, so we will never know that perhaps with out the vaccine you would have gotten covid and be six foot under… the same as my cancer… I will never know if I had not taken chemo for my breast cancer if I would still be alive today… statistically… all the cases with my type cancer that did not take chemo we’re dead… so what do we do? We do the best with the information we are given. I had a man call on the phone at my work… he got a breakthrough case of covid… he wasn’t feeling great but is alive and doing pretty well… his wife did not take the shot and is on a ventilator! As for your neuropathy… I have neuropathies from chemo and from MS… it’s true I did better for a couple months and could even feel my feet… then it worsened and now is stable again… can I blame the vaccine… not likely… because there is an ebb and flow in all ailments. Again, we can’t produce a double blind study on only you… were you going to have a worsening of symptoms with or without the vaccine… can’t know! Wishing you the best and btw… as everyone likes to say to cancer patients “you are still alive”.

  5. Why is he 76 with teenagers?? The alienation he feels may be more of a generational thing. It makes sense to me for a teenager to not be as concerned with the future and to be pushy/rude with their beliefs. He and his MINOR children are in different stages of life. Being young is difficult enough without a pandemic, so it'd be understandable for a young person to get vaccinated soley to make their life easier

  6. It sounds like Eric Clapton experienced not uncommon side effects of COVID-19 vaccines after his first dose, but Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a very rare side effect of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, after his second dose. With Guillain-Barre Syndrome, your immune system attacks the nerves in your body. It's very unfortunate that such a talented musician was sidelined by a COVID vaccination, and perhaps his existing peripheral neuropathy should have been recognized as a counter-indication for the use of an adenovirus-based vaccine such as AstraZeneca.

    But it should be noted that of the 592 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine administered worldwide through the end of July 2021, 833 cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome were reported. That's one case of Guillain-Barre Syndrome out of every 350,000 people vaccinated (assuming two doses per individual).

    Because of his well-deserved fame, when Eric Clapton speaks, people take notice. Unfortunately, in this case, this is focusing attention on a very rare side effect of the Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca COVID vaccines without focusing attention on the fact that Clapton notes that he already suffered from progressive peripheral neuropathy. Is it clear that his vaccination experience only occurred because of his peripheral neuropathy pre-condition? No. It seems likely, but it would take more study to determine if there is a causal relationship. But it certainly seems that people who don't already suffer from peripheral neuropathy should be overly concerned about very rare vaccine side effects that affect about one in every 350,000 people receiving the vaccine.

  7. Somebody please get this message to Mr. Clapton!!!!
    There are many studies indicating that taking the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin can be extremely helpful in countering the long lasting adverse vaccine effects. It also seems to show promise for those suffering from “long haulers” disease-those who actually had but recovered from Covid.
    You are an inspiration and I truly hope someone will get the message to you that your doctor can help you with the drug Ivermectin.

  8. I hope people share Eric’s story…let’s stop the injuries.
    Thank you for speaking up, Eric Clapton.
    Hollywood and musicians are silenced in the US.
    Good to hear you tell your truth, you have always been a
    good human being…loved by millions…🤍

  9. Since I started speaking out, I don't get so many calls, I am not asked to play events, except for some invitations.
    When we start to speak about reality and the truth and try to open people's minds because they have been brainwashed, we get confronted with isolation Eric and we are many artists that unconsciously know and have the feeling that this is going the wrong way.
    I thank you so much for speaking out and telling the truth about this monstrosity you are a real heroe, now I know I am not crazy, my phone doesn't ring anymore, but you know I found peace in myself people stopped sending me apps or contacting me I don't hear from friends anymore, but I am getting new friends that are awake and aware of what is going on in the world. Together we stand strong and will beat the beast.

  10. Eric, what is going on with you? You sound as though you have lost it. You were able to shoot heroin with all of your girlfriends that have overdosed and yet you shiver when it comes to the vaccine shot. Heroin didn't appear tp bother you. right? Give me a break. your past history with drugs indicate that you are probably past your due date, Don't blame it on the vaccine. Please make a comment. You owe it to your fans. George

  11. The news media and the government are entwined in a vicious circle of mutual manipulation, mythmaking, and self-interest. Journalists need crises to dramatize news, and government officials need to appear to be responding to crises. Too often, the crises are not really crises but joint fabrications. The two institutions have become so ensnared in a symbiotic web of lies that the news media are unable to tell the public what is true and the government is unable to govern effectively. That is the thesis advanced by Paul H. Weaver, a former political scientist (at Harvard University)

  12. Praying for you, Eric… thanks for sharing your story. I encourage you to find a holistic doctor about restoring your health… I fully believe a person can fully recover from just about ANY health problem if you know how to approach things from a holistic, organic viewpoint…

    I've seen countless reports of people recovering from all kinds of things, including cancer, diabetes, alzheimers… and I know that God designed our bodies to be self healing, self regulating, the same way He created our planet.

    Shalom, my brother. I'm glad to see that you made it through this terrible episode, and we are continuing to pray for your perfectly restored health… i.e. not only that you recover from the effects of this awful shot, but you'll be even better than you were before you took it.

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