Eric Clapton Gets COVID & Liberals Celebrate Wildly

Eric Clapton announced the cancellation of upcoming tour dates after the legendary guitar player contracted COVID-19. Having gone public with the injury he suffered after receiving a COVID vaccination, Clapton became the object of much hostility from vaccine promoters. As a result he has routinely been labeled an “anti-vaxxer,” so it’s not surprising that the online shitlib community reacted to the positive COVID diagnosis with unbridled glee.

Jimmy talks to The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and American comedian Kurt Metzger about the unseemly and illogical pleasure taken by so many liberals at Clapton’s misfortune.

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  1. Pro Vaxxers seem to operate with a virtuous birth right to say and do whatever they want in support of big pharma. Truth doesn't matter, love the vax or receive their wrath. I am waiting for Rod Sering to reappear, and bitch slap all these loons because it seems to me, we are living in The Twilight Zone.

  2. If I told you a random drug named drug A causes side effects, some severe, and asked people on the street if they think that’s unreasonable, nobody would think that’s an insane statement. Literally every drug in existence has off target effects, and many have severe effects.

  3. Go back and listen to his interview. He suffered tremors in his hands. Not what a world renowned guitarist wants really. It nearly finished him.

  4. Eric Clapton can not be racist. He has played and enjoyed gigging with musicians of every background. Musicians are family so there is no race.

  5. The vaccine program is a eugenics program, those who get injured get abused as "the weak" who can't adapt while those who survive the vaccines with little to no immediate, apparent side effects get lauded as strong. It all fee's very very fascist, survival of the "fittest".

  6. Jimmy didn't notice that scientists no longer say that if you get the vaccine you won't catch coronavirus it only reduces the risk of hospitalization and death that's all because 100% you will catch covid and That vaccine is not going to stop it they don't even claim it's going to stop it

  7. The reason they were given immunity was because we being told by "the experts" that the death toll would be 3.4%(remember 3.4 the 1st lie)… it never even came close to that.

  8. I saw the video of Eric speaking about it a few months ago
    Felt bad for him. I myself have not taken the jab and doing great

  9. And Russel Brand just read the NY TIMES that there were improper procedures performed around Astra Zeneca. Sucks I had wanted to take that one since they were willing give their product to emerging economy countries.

  10. Eric Clapton is the first greatest guitarist in the world. john mayall and the blues breakers, the yardbirds and then Cream all in the 60s. Jimi Hendrix was a big fan of his. The eric clapton you probably remember, jimmy, is from Derek and the Dominoes much later and past his true prime. Clapton went on to have big hits during that era but wasnt the guitar virtuoso he was in the 60s.

  11. I have a ph.d. in biophysics. After the seconded shot of the AZ vaccine, I experienced similar symptoms to what Clapton reported, e.g. pain, weakness, and numbness in my hands…along with other extremities. I don't know, but it would be nice if we could see the actual data on these mandated experiments, but it doesn't exist because Fauci et al. eliminated control groups from the trials…among other possible irregularities. I guess the increase in shareholder valuations makes up for all moral hazards. My new TV pitch: The Dukes of Moral Hazard!

  12. COVID seems to be yesterday's news. Now we can wait for monkeypox to grab headlines. Clearly not developed in a lab like Covid. Ummmm. Except this:
    "Monkeypox was first discovered in 1958 when two outbreaks of a pox-like disease occurred in colonies of monkeys kept for research, hence the name 'monkeypox.' " Just "found" in a lab.

  13. "scientists say there is no doubt … drastically cut the risks of serious illness and death" – except that even in the initial trials, fewer people died in the placebo arm than in the treated arm (of the Pf… product, which statistically seems the least dangerous of the lot). Prof. Norman Fenton also has a nice illustration of the all-cause-mortality "benefit" of these products.
    So, yeah, there is no doubt – except in people thoroughly examining the data.

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