Eric Weinstein: Vaccines, Ivermectin & Dark Horse

What does Eric Weinstein make of the current controversy around vaccines and Ivermectin, centred on the criticism of his brother Bret’s podcast, the Dark Horse.

In the last days, Sam Harris and former guest Yuri Deigin have both been heavily critical of claims made by both Bret and his guests.

In this conversation with Rebel Wisdom’s David Fuller, Eric talks through his concerns at what is going on, and what he thinks are the deeper currents of the problem, including a lack of effective leadership in dealing with the pandemic.

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Eric Weinstein, Glitch in the Matrix 2:

Sam Harris, A Contagion of Bad Ideas:

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Written by Rebel Wisdom


  1. It feels like, if you are willing to "Zero" your income as a Moral Stance…
    That you should be willing to take money from "Volunteers?" / subscribers, and not be affected if the number changes, or their demands.

  2. Many of us may not be capable of sorting through the details of virology or immunology, but we are very good at detecting when we are not being told the truth. Once you break trust there is almost no way to regain it. So many people are spinning narratives we cannot function as a country any more

  3. This is talk shines a brighter light on the current strangeness and it's a solace, a temporary refuge from the corruption, confusion and frustrating guidance from the so called leaders.

  4. All finely stated but it seemed that the underlying statement woven between the 20 dollar words and phrases is still that because this is so fucked up the only real thing each of us has is our freedom to decide for ourselves what we should do as individuals, be it partially right or wrong. We are reaching out for the elusive truth in a rather thick fog.

  5. Once we gave up on eternal judgement we lost any hope of objective accountablity.
    When we gave up higher authority we gave up any chance of objective truth.
    We wish for justice but are unwilling to hold ourselves to the same level.
    We wish for peace but call the public stupid
    We want family but we dont want any sacrifice.
    We want love but we wanted it our way.
    We are a society with a rudder, with an oar and we have some serious leaks. Even the rats have started to swim.
    There is hope but no one wants to face the national, social, communal, family and most importantly individual moral judgment.

  6. Sam Harris is the best sample how intelligent/ high IQ people could be so stupid being stock in their own ego box. It means that we all can be stuck in the same box own by ourselves.

  7. True leadership has been obscured by narcissism/careerism. In Ireland the 'anti-leaders' have resorted to fascist-communism as a reflex action to push a totalitarian agenda on the native population with the full force of a Fraudstate banana-media/medical establishment. Superb analysis. Many Thanks

  8. 46:00 this analogy is the worse part of this entire discussion. One he suggests there is control of the situation as in you control it. The vaccine or covid can be the bullet. I would suggest that trusting the vaccine ( no long term studies we can only guess the risk ) is better suited to this analogy than covid itself. To me the analogy for the vaccine is like a jew who takes shelter from a storm in a Nazis house. You may get away scott free but you may end up in a terrible condition if not dead if all was laid bare.
    Erics analogy has a terrible one with irrational probability 1 in 6 shot when covid for a young child is 1 in a 1000,000. Most people would take that $10M odds.

  9. Reactionary thinking is simple, and simple isn't necessarily wrong, but complexities of reality often require more of you. For example, you might not believe in zinc ionophores such as quercitin, or EGCg or Luteilin to enable zinc to kill virus cells, but who wonders if gravity believes in you?

    Fk you money isn't going to help much of 85% of the places you'll go turn into a Joburg ghetto, Dr. Suess.

    If ivermectin is the answer, mass murder is taking place in plain sight, while these angeles dance on pins.

  10. It seems that once you take the jab and it turns out safe for you (at least in the short term), you're unable to really hear the concerns anymore, because there isn't much for you to do. The evidence in favor of ivermectin is large, and so is the number of recorded adverse reactions to the jabs. Sorry if those of us with three-fourths of their life ahead of them are more concerned about long term effects than you.

  11. I really dislike polarizations set up or perpetuated by media mainstream. It would be nice to see the wisdom of other cultures, aboriginals, eastern, etc on display. Climate change , covid, backdoors to phones and quackery of leadership signals the ending of western war conflict driven profit thinking, suppresion, over consumption, and oppression. Personal and institutional sustainability needs to be replaced by something bigger…ecological, more mindful, fulfilling, inclusive, uplifting,…