Erm I Know You’re Busy But Nuclear War Is Getting Increasingly Likely

And I just keep tripping on how weird it is that so few people see the US empire’s headlong charge into cold war conflict with two separate nuclear-armed nations as the single most urgent concern of our day. It probably doesn’t even make most people’s top ten. Very few people seem to believe the most pressing threat to humanity might be all those armageddon weapons we’ve been stockpiling and how increasingly irresponsibly our leaders are treating them.

Reading by Tim Foley.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone


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  1. The thing that gives me hope is how mature and sensible both Putin and Xi are. They are truly the real leaders of the free world.

    I shudder to think of how horrible things would really be if either of these leaders were to be replaced with an American version.

  2. I dunno Cait. Sometimes I get into a space where I say: It's inevitable .. just bring it on, and maybe the predictions of nuclear winter were exaggerated.
    SO .. if we drop the assumption that there will be a nuclear winter which will extinct most or all of life ..?
    OK .. it's pretty sure that billions would die directly from the blasts and cancers .. what is that as a percentage? What about 30% of humanity? You know, the Mongol Hoards eliminated over 1/3 of humans .. they killed over 2/3 of Chinese. .. perspective huh?
    Then what?
    The police state of the technocracy would be ended with the internet. People wold have to revert to the default tribal forms that were perfectly OK for 200K years ..
    You know what?
    Bring it on – we need a REAL "great reset".
    This is the tower of Babel – and it is a necessary component of evolution for life on Earth.
    Humans had their go. Maybe we get another chance – the Earth and Life do not care.
    Very soon now – and we will know – and there is no way to stop it.
    So make sure to live your life fully while you have it?

  3. Non sequitur. If we go that way, nothing matters.
    No matter what those of you that don't live in the three or four or five nations that are engaged in this end game of insanity want or think, it doesn't matter because you have no influence over the decisions that will or won't be made that will or won't ignite the end of history. Those of us that do live in these nations make no difference because we have no power to influence the actions of the psychopaths that make all the decisions in the places that will or won't instigate the end of history.
    Spending the finite time you have to enjoy the gift of life on earth over nuclear war is a complete and utter waste of that precious time.
    Certainly, make your wishes known through whatever means you have at your disposal, but don't spend one second more of your life beyond that denying yourself the joy, love, peace that that life rewards you with, beating your head against a wall that isn't even aware that you exist, trying to bend that wall to your will.
    You will die. Tomorrow or eighty years from now, the only thing that matters is how you lived the time you got. If you feel you must fight for the future, fight to save the biosphere from the slow death that you should already be aware is absolutely being made a certainty right now. You and others with a common objective might actually make a difference in that progression toward another abyss. Your children might have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of that labor.
    The U.S. has the nuclear capability to utterly destroy the entire world at least a hundred times over. China has a similar capability, as does Russia. I won't even get into France, Britain, or Israel's potential to permanently fuck everything up for everyone, forever. If any of these psychopathic entities set off the end of history, nothing else matters. Except that perhaps a few hundred thousand years from now, some unforeseeable equivalent to an archeologist will discover that something else once briefly lived here and something happened that erased them. And it won't matter to any of us at all.
    The only purpose of life is to live it. Do that, and you will know that you did the very best you ever could have done.

  4. It's so weird. Sometimes I think Julian Assange, ICAN and all the sane people that support him who are intellectual diplomats. It's just so strange that we want peace and diplomacy. What on earth is wrong with these people working towards oblivion. They are playing on the edge of the cliff. Way too close. Let's not go off, rather shy away from it and shudder at the thought. Shiver material. .

  5. With the advent of hypersonic cruise missiles, which make aircraft carriers obsolete, Sam's flexing his bloated muscle. Russia and China are not impressed, and that could lead to a rocky road indeed.

  6. Full on Corporatism runs the "governments" in the West. Corporatism is behind nearly every social ill there is. It is most certainly behind the uber-nationalism and propagandizing in our "News" that is being display on our TV’s and social media nearly every day. Corporatism IS the enemy, folks! They have OUR government, and WE SHOULD BE WANTING IT BACK!

  7. While WE KNOW (thanks to Daniel Ellsberg) that a Nuclear Mass Murder free-for-all, 2-for-1 special, a planned combined annihilation of both Russia AND China, simultaneously, is our policy, and has been since the days of Dr. Stranglov…errr Fritz Kraemer… There is the reality that we've never gone all the way in the past…and that those in charge of our militaries KNOW that to do so would likely mean an end to ALL LIFE on this planet…or at least a MASSIVE Kill-off, followed by perhaps hundreds of years living in deep underground military bases…ala Dr. Strangelove… It gives one the most modest of hopes for the future…

    ALSO Reassuring… Is the reality that if they were REALLY intent, upon launching a full-on apocalyptic Nuclear War…Then they WOULDN'T need to push all of the BioWeapons and Kill-shots onto everyone, first… They could eliminate 90% (or in reality far more) of the Global population, with a war…

    Now there IS the possibility that a dumbed down, dependent and neurologically INJURED population, is easier to manipulate into accepting a Nuclear war with Russia and China… But this implies that actually care about what the people actually WANT… And there's no evidence of that… So I take the Gates/WEF Global Depopulation and Enslavement efforts, to be a positive sign that Nuclear War isn't TRULY imminent, despite all of the well taken points that you've raised, Caitlyn.

  8. A species that agrees to live daily under the threat of nuclear annihilation, is an insane, delusional species that's in denial..A species that destroys the life and environment that allows for it's very existence, because it turned real life into a game of monopoly, extinction monopoly, is insane, delusional and is in denial..The self proclaimed wise ape…We think we are so smart because we can manipulate electrons and fossil fuels so that we can have it marginally easier, and destroy everything more completely…When you consider human potential, and how we completely squandered it, and destroyed this oasis of life in a sea of darkness, the word wise doesn't come to mind..And it's not like we lost our way, and this civilization is some kind of outlier, this is exactly what the hundreds of civilizations before us have done, destroyed their environment, made war with everyone they came into contact with, allowed themselves to be ruled by greedy psychopaths, and crashed, burned, collapsed, and committed suicide or were destroyed by just such a civilization, before they made it to that point….It's embarrassing to be an American and a human for that matter…

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