“Err… Bill Gates Does WHAT Now?!” This Is A BIG PROBLEM

As a new article reveals the levels of influence Bill Gates has within media – which he has bankrolled to the tune of millions of dollars – we ask, is Bill Gates’s image all a creation of his own making?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Wow, Russell…for a guy who opened with a rejection of conspiracy theories you certainly have a whole lot of unsupported ideas about what you believe is being bought by the BNGF. I get where you're coming from and why you would be suspicious, but it's also a bit unfair to the integrity of the journalists who you assume to have been bought off by Bill. You don't mention any kind of evidence that would show Bill actually influencing a specific story, textbook, or article, and even the TV shows you talked about were vague suggestions of Bill changing storylines in some way. You admit that you don't even know which episodes were being referenced and yet you didn't hesitate to suggest that something nefarious had taken place. You are not reporting facts, you are making guesses and presenting them as facts. You are the very definition of a conspiracy theorist. I still think your heart is in the right place and I still believe in you. Keep fighting the good fight. (Bill Gates probably is up to something, but you don't seem to have any evidence of that yet.)

  2. It's a tragedy how much corruption the majority of people are willing to tolerate from the billionaires & politicians, yet, they see working class & poor people do something they disagree with & they try to ruin their lives. Think about how petty people can be towards one another but tyranny from the rich is ignored! Excellent job Russell!

  3. I recall there being a thing around conflict of interest or owning a monopoly has that stopped? is it not obvious? Let's all be honest we're all for sale for some people it's money for others its power.

  4. Thanks for shining light on this latest stinky moldy growth coming from our supervillain billionaires. The MegaGroup Billionaires club 'helps' media too.
    These Global Village Idiots are getting away with it.

  5. Know someone who was an accountant for a not for profit organization is Washington state and the Gates foundation along with federal money was their primary financing. Initially most of the money went to helping individuals get clean and build job skills. When she left less than 1/2’went to those in need with most of the money going to upper management salaries.

  6. Generations will never forget nor forgive , mums dad's grandparents children , people with ZERO health issues , people with ZERO health issues locked into concentration camps , insanity at the highest level !. Nuremberg needs to start , and asap this is getting bloody beyond Insanity , if your part of this you want to back away from it asap distance yourself , and stop censoring people who tell the truth and are realistic and honest !.

  7. I would just like to point out Russel. That although you don't consider yourself to be conspiratorial, the way you approach and frame your opinion is the same as the "conspiracy theorist" you just pointed out that a man who pays/owns a company might have some influence into the "quality control" of that company's product. And when we are talking about bill… Not only dose he have implyed financial input into these companies/causes he also owns the larges tech company in the world, so "conspiracy theorist" are just "connecting dots" much like you are connecting the dots of "donations might mean insentive" for these companies to be bias.they connectbthe fdots of "he owns tech giant and is invested in medicine." maybe he has some input into the medicinal product. I don't believe any of the micro chip in vaccines, all. I'm saying is the thinking is the same. what you have is very suspicious circumstantial evidence, the same as the other "connection of dots"

  8. This is not my original idea, I heard it somewhere long ago and it stuck. Every organization or person that is giving us information should have to provide AT THE BEGINNING their funding sources just like the medical community lists their sponsors before a talk they do, conveniently called their "conflict of interest" slide. I don't care what people do with their money, but we should know if it is influencing our information.

  9. Imagine the life review these billionaires will have when they die and then realize how selfish they were and how much good and positive the impacts they could’ve made with their money … truly life opening

  10. Facts and reality are foremost in any report but the micro chip implant is NOT a conspiracy theory.
    However, it came from Klaus Schwab in a French TV interview in 2016 with English suntitles.
    He DOES want to implant everyone on the planet with a micro chip.

    It's on YT TWICE!!

    Although, this might be superceded with with graphine oxide.
    The Rockefeller Foundation and University have a patent for controlling the heart and brain using an external magntice signal (5G).It's on their website as well as reported on other sites.
    Patent no.US10786570B2
    They made a mouse continually hungry, but this could be used to instill fear, anxiety or any other emotion required by those who shouldn't be in power.

    It even has a name: Radiogenetics. It's not a theory anymore.

    search using Flipping a switch inside the head.

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