Err… Our “Leaders” Are LOSING IT!! This Is ALARMING

As gaffe-laden Joe Biden’s approval ratings continue to fall and Boris Johnson makes a bizarre speech about Peppa Pig, we ask, how are these two of the most powerful men in the world?!
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I wonder if Biden is even capable of complex thought anymore, because if he is he certainly has no way to communicate it. He can't even form coherent sentences. Since he can't communicate there is no way to tell what or if he is thinking. Its almost like hes some kind of mental vegetable that just responds to outside stimuli by saying random words.

  2. What changed is a thriving economy into a Bedlam driven destruction of the American Middle classes spurred on by the Soviet dreamland or where people are an increasingly abused and downtrodden. Apart from that, what's changed?

  3. They are playing their roles, bumbling clowns. Its theatre, distraction, come on ffs. Why do you think Boris always makes sure his hair is a mess ? Did you ever believe they had any power to make decisions or change anything ?. The ones who try that get assassinated don't they ? Lets grow up and stop pretending they are there to serve our best interests .

  4. Watching this made me realize Biden is a power statement from "the powers that be". He's so obviously incapable, it's like they're flaunting it: "The president doesn't matter. We're going to make this tired old puppet dance, just so you KNOW there's someone pulling the strings."

  5. Dear Russel, you are fantastic but I don't believe you're speaking on behalf of the poor of us! Otherwise you wouldn't be repeating news we already know on daily basis – well with a bit a selfish twist….

  6. "When Aliens show up & say 'take me to your leader', this is who we take them to?" – that was golden.
    I suddenly imagined Joke Biden or Boris trying to communicate with a higher intelligence…

  7. PLEASE watch a film called Being There with Peter Sellers playing an autistic gardener who eventually becomes a President. This film is quite prophetic and answers the question of why these leaders are in power.

  8. Everyone thinks this was a terrible mistake from Boris but the news seemed to forget all of the terrible policies he is implementing and instead focused on his comments about Pepper Pig. I would argue that was a brilliant piece of misdirection which the media were quick to follow. It was the equivalent of throwing hounds off the scent by dropping a load of cheap cut up hot dogs on the ground.

  9. Watch Borris J. body language when he speaks about us-people. Anyone who grasped this knowledge would confirm, that there is no much respect for the masses…….

  10. On a serious note, the USA deep gov new what was going to happen by putting Biden in power, they put him there knowing that at some point soon he will have to be replaced. To me he was put in the election just as an opposition to get rid of trump. Just reminds me of the program "House Of Cards" lol.

  11. I have no idea why but hearing that reporter interviewing the Prime minister – "You lost your notes….you lost your place….you went on a tangent about Pepper Pig…….are you ok?" made me laugh way to hard. I think it might be out of shock TBH.

  12. 🤣🤣 I can just imagine . . “ Your a bit old now are you sure you want to accept sir “?
    “I sold my soul and ate babies to get here. I ain’t turning back now!!”

  13. spot on and hilarious!! A British friend nearly “disowned” right after our election because i said i believed there was serious fuckery going on that biden would win…. as we can all see: fuckery – and a LOT of it- had to go on for this decrepit, incompetent, divisive and at times vicious Washington politician to become president.

  14. would it surprise you, Russell, that the extreme overreaction and emergence of COVID-19, was part of a coordinated effort between the Chinese government and more sympathetic political actors, like the Bidens, and the Democratic Party, to overthrow Trump? Would globalist elites plunge the entire world into fear, privation, and terror just to get rid of Trump? What do you think?

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