Err… REALLY??! Afghan Viral Video Marine Now JAILED!!!

Lt Col Stuart Scheller, the US marine who attacked the military leadership over America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan in a viral video has now been jailed.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. It is interesting to read various perspectives here in the comments.

    Some people are praising the soldier's actions as a true thinker/ standing up for truth while some are condemning the fact that he made his country look bad and is putting fellow countrymen lives at risk/laughing stock.

    A very democratic (?) vs nationalistic (?) weight on arguments.

  2. Note to self. You do not have any first amendment rights while enrolled in the military. You just have to fight so everyone else can have that "illusional right"
    Also, I guess we can throw innocent until proven guilty right out the window.

  3. It's no surprise the poor man has been locked up. It could've been worse. A one way trip to Guantanamo or even a hit and run incident isn't out of their toolbox for shuttting whistle blowers up. He's fighting a huge institution of war industry. He deserves all our support.

  4. Currently active. I would never say that speaking truth on your organization is wrong, although with the military you're pretty much asking for it because one of the central ideas is that members of the military can't speak ill of it in public.
    Will going through chains of command and private correspondence really affect change? Probably not.
    It seems that all of these guys in the brass that are speaking out are going to be doing a sort of self immolation when it comes to their career. Even if things are improved by what they are doing it will likely be a Tolkien-esque self sacrificial win where those after you will benefit but you destroy yourself in the process.

    Not that these officers will lose their retirement or have trouble getting work but their trajectory will definitely shift.

  5. The term whistle blower doesn't sound very noble or honorable. It sounds something like tattle tale. The first time I ever heard the term, I sided against said whistle blower just because it sounded like they were calling the guy a snitch, not a guardian of truth.

    As a combat veteran of the US ARMY, I don't agree with their decision to lock up the LTC. However, I do understand and I'm not surprised. If he was asked repeatedly to stop, he should have stopped. When you're on active duty, you're property of the branch you serve. We all swear an oath. Part of that oath says to follow the orders given by those appointed over us.. we don't need a bunch of loose cannons in possession of a bunch of loose cannons, each of them with a different agenda..

  6. What a bunch of grifters. Basically what they’re doing is money laundering our tax dollars. A third (plus) of the little bit of money that we get for making them such powerful billionaires. The shame of it all.

  7. Technically he did break the ucmj however he has and had every right to do so he trained these mean that died he sent these men to that country for nothing now that we see how the government treated us etc

  8. These were the ideals of marine corp leadership drilled into my head during my visit to MCRD San Diego in the early 90s….


    All of these are values exhibited by the brave LtCol who is now being wrongfully prosecuted by the UCMJ.

  9. It is not the one that built a better Taliban, eighty-six more millions of weapons and bullets just given away! The part he forgot was loyalty to the officers appointed over him. If he was going to spill it, he should have done it differently. I don't think anyone says he was not honorable. a veteran twenty three years, retired.

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